Our reason for being

AlterPresse wants to contribute to the dissemination of essential data on the complex political, economic, social and cultural involve members of social movements, organizations promoting and defending human rights movements collective entrepreneurship support organizations to development, research institutions and non-formal education, university, etc.. AlterPresse also discusses current events in the news, from a democratic perspective and research alternatives.

The agency intends to give particular resonance to the themes of gender equity, women's leadership, local participation, solidarity economy, appropriate technology, sustainable agriculture, food security, environmental protection, reproductive health, traditional medicine, responsible youth, rights of the child, human movements, popular and alternative communication, etc..

The activities of this alternative network Haitian information is an important support to various initiatives already underway pleadings on the ground around various themes of democratic and popular interest.

The agency also wants to play a leading role in articulating the relationship between Haitians inside and those outside, about 2 million people, representing one quarter of the Haitian population. Haitian communities abroad will increasingly inform Haiti of using Internet resources, while the media (mainly radio and magazines) serving the Haitian public outside feed in a significant proportion from Internet sources.

Similarly, making the lives of Haitians migrants theme information and advantageously using multiple connections it has with the fringes of the Haitian diaspora, either on an organizational basis or through personal and professional contacts, the agency intends to allow Haitians to be consistently within the Current of current affairs in the main centers of Haitian emigration and business sectors.

October 2001


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