About us

The alternative network Haitian AlterPresse information is an agency launched in late 2001 by the Group Médialternatif. AlterPresse is part of the dynamics of the Right to Information and Communication.

The priority area is to AlterPresse information on complex political, economic, social and cultural involve members of social movements, movements of collective entrepreneurship promotion agencies and human rights groups, organizations development support, research institutions and non-formal education, university, etc..

This agency also addresses alternative press, to some extent, current news events, from a democratic perspective and research alternatives.

A holistic approach, the information disseminated by "AlterPresse", mainly French and Creole, from sources both domestic and international, for both Haitian and international processes and joined both a public and a Haitian international audience.

AlterPresse works with a team of information professionals, most of which have a long career as a journalist and have been proven through various junctures in the early 1980s to today.

The founders

Pierre Gotson
A career journalist, Communications Consultant

Gotson Peter is a professional journalist since 1981. He works with various media and Haitian aliens, especially radio. He participated in social and professional groups nationally and internationally over the past 20 years.

Vario Serant
A career journalist and communication consultant

Serant Vario is a professional journalist since the late 80s. He works for Haitians and foreign media, including television and radio. He is Director Information Director at Tele Haiti and Coordinator of Reflection and Action for Freedom of the Press (GRALIP).

Ronald Colbert
A career journalist and communication consultant

Ronald Colbert is a professional journalist since 1986. His experiences in journalism covering all genres in the media: electronic press, alternative press, news agencies, magazines on social and professional development and the economy, broadcast and print media.

Pierre Gotson
A career journalist, Communications Consultant

Gotson Peter is a professional journalist since 1981. He worked for various media Haitians and foreigners, participated in social and professional groups over the past 20 years.

Born in 1962, Gotson Peter received his primary education at the School of John XXIII Brothers of the Sacred Heart in Port-au-Prince and his secondary education at Lycee Antenor Firmin. He completed a 4-year undergraduate level at the Higher Institute of Economics and Political (ISSEP) in Port-au-Prince. However, his professional activities have always been circumscribed in the field of communication. He has attended numerous seminars in Haiti and abroad in fields related to journalism and communication and popular alternative.

Professional life. - Gotson Peter holds several programs he has designed and carried it on Radio Kiskeya, with whom he collaborated since 1994: a weekly news magazine, and trade in Creole, "Aktyalite 7" a weekly column of news media in Creole, "Koneksyon" and a program of cultural activities, "Spark". Also on Radio Kiskeya Gotson Pierre had previously designed and led a trade magazine newspaper in Creole, "Randevou" (1994-2000).

Pierre is Gotson Médialternatif Group Coordinator, Society of Social Communication, which he founded with other colleagues in October 2001.Il is also Editor of the online agency AlterPresse, Haiti alternative network information, launched by the Group Médialternatif.

From 1986 to 2002, Pierre Gotson established and directed the Division of Communication Research Center and Action for Development (CRAD). In this context, he designed and conducted outreach and communication efforts undertaken by the institution, including animation and training in basic communication. He has supported the emergence and consolidation of the community radio movement in Haiti since 1994.

During his many years in CRAD, Gotson Peter also conducted informational and educational radio programs in Creole on the news in general and various issues including gender issues, citizen participation, democratic communication and popular. Among others, he initiated and hosted the bi-monthly magazine on audio cassette in Creole "New power n pi al lwen" (1987 - 1995) and supervised a series of fifty radio programs in Creole from the Truth Commission report and Justice (1999).

Gotson Peter headed the Information Service of the DARC (SICRAD), which has provided the means audio, print and electronic / internet coverage in Creole and French from Haiti and information on alternative processes and popular. It has parallel co-directed and participated in developing the kind of popular monthly "Kome".

The journalistic career of Pierre Gotson led him to offer his services to several radio stations since 1981 Capital: Radio Soleil, Radio Antilles Internationale, Radio Tropic FM, Radio Port-au-Prince and Radio Cacique.

Abroad, Gotson Pierre worked and still works with several community and international media Creole, French and Hispanics: the Latin American Agency Information - ALAI Agency Latin American radio news Pulsar Network Educational radio in Latin America - Alred, the Pool of News Agencies Latin American (POONAL), the Canadian Community CIBL Radio, community radio Martinique "Ase Plere An Nou Lite" - APAL, international radio Cuban Radio Havana Cuba, the Sources magazines and The Courier-United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).

Meanwhile, Peter Gotson offers outpatient services in social communication for several institutions and organizations in place, including Panos, the Advocacy Platform for Alternative Development (PAPDA), Info-Services, Support Group for Repatriates and Refugees (GARR) and Solidarity of Haitian Women (SOFA).

Other positions held. - Gotson Peter is a member of the leadership of the World Association for Christian Communication (WACC) and Secretary of the Caribbean Branch of this association. He was a member of the Coordinating Committee of CRAD for about 13 years. He twice led the Group of Reflection and Action for Freedom of the Press (GRALIP) and was Head of the Communication Commission of GRALIP well as the magazine specializing in Journalism and Communication The Book.

Moreover, Gotson Pierre founded and led several youth movements, whose association "Chandel" (1988).

Conferences and other work. - Peter realized Gotson conferences and other work in Haiti and abroad on topics related to communication and Haitian realities: The clandestine radio stations during the military coup (1991-1993 ), Community Radio and exclusion, radio production and programming, communication and alternative press, press and political polarization in Haitian society, Internet Radio and in Haiti, New technologies of communication and information technologies (ICTs), media and human rights , Panorama critical radio in Haiti, etc..

Gotson Peter took part in conferences and seminars conducted visits to the Dominican Republic, Cuba, Puerto Rico, St. Lucia, Martinique, Jamaica, Ecuador, Venezuela, Brazil, Mexico, United States, Canada, England, Switzerland, Italy, France, Senegal and South Africa.

Vario Serant
A career journalist and communication consultant

Vario Serant is news director at Tele Haiti, journalist-presenter with Radio Kiskeya, Group Secretary Médialternatif that also manages the online agency AlterPresse, correspondent of Service Creole Radio France Internationale (RFI) correspondent of Radio France Outre -mer (RFO), Télé Martinique, Coordinator of Reflection and Action for Freedom of the Press (GRALIP).

Career. - Born in 1965, Vario Serant arrived very early in the communications sector. He works as a journalist actively for fifteen years.

A Tele Haiti, he started as a reporter in May 1990. He was promoted to Director of Information in 1995, a task that ensures far with conscience, a sense of ethics and professionalism. May 1, 2000, this station he was awarded a plaque "Honor and Merit" for his ten years of loyalty, dedication and discipline.

In his professional colleagues, it is sometimes called human any media. For, despite the fact that television eat a lot of his time, he never gave up on radio, newspaper and his other professional activities. Since 1991, it stands for Radio Kiskeya, as a journalist-presenter, through perseverance, discipline and professionalism.

Previously, Vario Serant worked at Radio Haiti Inter as editor-Host (May 1990-April 1991). His enthusiasm and his insatiable desire to learn and professionalism led him to assume major responsibilities assigned to seniors.

Vario Serant also worked at Radio Antilles International (Nov. 1989-April 1990) as editor-presenter.

From 1988 to 1991, he collaborated, as Assistant Editor, at bi-monthly "Haiti Press".

He also had to work as Editor-advisor, the university magazine of the Faculty of Humanities (FASH). Vario Serant also participated actively in the book, journal of GRALIP dedicated to the problem of communication.

During his career, Vario Serant hosted various seminars on techniques of journalistic writing on behalf of several support institutions including Info-Media Services and the center Petion Bolivar.

He also participated in numerous panels, Haiti and abroad, on issues related to the field of collective communication and journalism.

Studies. - Vario Serant studied Social Communication at the Faculty of Humanities (1988-1992) and participated in numerous trainings in the field of communication and broadcasting abroad, notably in France (1995) , Taiwan (1999), United States (1998), Ecuador (1993) and Martinique (2001).

He has taken courses in screenwriting and development into producing TV documentaries at the International School of Bordeaux, France.

Vario Serant has taken several other courses on cinema in Haiti under the Franco-Haitian Project of Support to Televisions.

He recently co-produced a documentary, his first short film "The Blue Broom" which will be screened soon in Port-au-Prince as part of a film festival.

Vario Serant followed:

- Diction classes at the French Institute of Haiti (1988)

- English classes at the Institute Haitian-American (1993-1994)

- Spanish courses at the Centre Petion Bolivar (1993-1994)

He made the American Accounting Business School Craan Julien (1997).

He received his primary education at the Ecole Jean XXIII Brothers of the Sacred Heart (1973-1979) and his secondary education at Canadian-Haitian College (1979-1986).

Travel. - Vario Serant visited several countries including Ecuador, Panama, Cuba, France, Martinique, the U.S., the Dominican Republic, Mainland China and Taiwan.

Ronald Colbert
A career journalist and communication consultant

Born in Port-au-Prince December 23, 1961, Ronald Colbert is married with two children. He is fluent in Creole, French and Spanish.

Studies. - After his classical studies, respectively Institution Brother Andrew (1967 - 1974) and New College Bird (1974-1981), he completed four years of studies at the Economic Section of the Faculty of Law and Economics of the Haitian capital. Alongside its commitment as a freelance journalist with Radio Haiti Inter (1986-1989), he spent one year of practical studies in organic chemistry, qualitative and quantitative ChemTek Institution (1988-1989). Meanwhile, he had completed two years of study in Accounting and Commercial Arithmetic in the School of Commerce Julien Craan (1985 -1986).

He started very young, became interested in journalism. Thus at her school (1978-1979), he was responsible for the school magazine "Dialogue" which allowed him to start in the profession. In summer 1979, he spent three months testing in Drama at the National Institute of Artistic Training (INFA) under the direction of the radio man Gerard Resil.

Professional experiences. - There is, since November 2001, the Group Administrator Médialternatif, Society of Social Communication with the "aim to help revitalize areas of communication and information, as part of an alternative vision based on respect for human rights and ethical standards governing the profession of journalism ".

Since March 2001 he is also Director of the Group for Reflection and Action for Freedom of the Press (GRALIP), which he directed as principal coordinator from February 1996 to June 1998.

Since 1992 he is member of the Group for Exchange and Solidarity between Haiti and the Dominican Republic (GESAD). Professor of Creole for GESAD, poured into various aspects of the reality of the island, he began to develop expertise on the problem Haitian-DR.

From 1990 to today, he has lent the services as an independent consultant for journalism training sessions throughout Haiti, the realization of newspaper reports, the preparation of summaries, minutes and / or accounts minutes of meetings, symposia, seminars, debates transcription and translation of documents in Creole, etc.. He also attended several seminars on topics, various affecting both the Communication and Journalism as Sustainable Development, the Human Movements, Rights of the Child and Women's Rights, Environment, Latin and Caribbean realities American, economic globalization versus neoliberal policies, etc..

His professional experience in journalism covering all genres in the media: electronic press, alternative press, news agencies, magazines on social and professional development and the economy, broadcast and print media.

Electronic and alternative press: AlterPresse, the online agency Médialternatif Group, Journalist, January 2002 to the present day, www.medialternatif.org; MEDIA NET, PANOS-HAITI, Director of various issues on sustainable development and AIDS, 1998 to present; NEW PSU N AL PI LWEN, cassette published bimonthly by the Center for Research and Action for Development (CRAD) and for organizations of farmers and groups of neighborhoods, Member of the production team, January 1990 - June 1994 SA K PASE, monthly magazine dealing with the issue of grassroots organizations, published by the RADF, Editor In Chief, 1992-1994; HAITI CORRESPONDENCE, weekly information bulletin issued by the CRAD and distributed in Latin America, the Caribbean and Europe, Editor In Chief, 1992 - 1994;

News Agencies: CENTRO PUENTE, agency disseminating information in newspapers in the Dominican Republic, Co-correspondent in Haiti, from February 1999 to October 2000; NOTICIAS DE MEXICO (NOTIMEX), Mexican news agency, correspondent in Haiti, October 1994 - July 1995;

Socio-professional magazines: LINK & Aksyon, reviews of the HAVA, dealing with NGOs and grassroots groups, Reporter, January 1990 - June 1996 THE BOOK of GRALIP ", bimonthly Group Reflection and Action for Press Freedom (GRALIP), Journalist, Editor, 1993 to 1994; HAITI FREE INFORMATION, publication of Haiti Solidarity International, a journalist director of various issues, from 1991 to 1994;

Broadcast media: FLASH RADIO, weekly news show broadcast in Creole on Long Island, New York, United States, correspondent in Haiti, July 1990 - April 1995 NATIONAL TELEVISION OF HAITI (TNH), Director of Information, December 19, 1994 - January 3, 1995, Radio Haiti Inter, Editorial Secretary, Co-Head of the Documentation and Journalist, Reporter, October 1986 - November 1989;

Newspapers: Le Nouvelliste, Journalist-Reporter, 1990 -1991; DIALOGUE, school magazine New College Bird, Managing Editor, 1978 - 1979;

Areas of expertise: Training for journalists; Problem Haitian-DR; Research Communication & Journalism; Sustainable development and grassroots organizations; AIDS Child Rights and Women's Rights, Human Rights.


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