Ethical standars

AlterPresse publishes information which it determines the origin, veracity and accuracy.

AlterPresse treated in the manner required professional information of public interest, including all elements have been combined.

On error, and corrects AlterPresse guarantees the right of reply and the right of reply to individuals and organizations or institutions affected.

AlterPresse scrupulously respects the privacy and human dignity. Only the public interest justifies the dissemination of information relating to privacy.

AlterPresse shall not circulate defamatory, abusive or hateful.

AlterPresse seeks to reflect the reality, thought provoking and contribute to civic action.

AlterPresse is autonomous in its editorial, determined exclusively by its own appropriate bodies.

AlterPresse cultivates openness, humility and sense of fairness, honesty and responsibility.

AlterPresse is the rostrum or the instrument of any political party or group. However, it remains attentive to the news sections of the immediate or distant enrolling in a dynamic aimed towards participatory democracy and alternative development.

March 2006


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