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AlterPresse is a media outlet that covers much more than the news. She is also a space for expression and open to external contributions which can be documents (notes, statements, reports, studies, etc.) or in-depth articles on topics of public interest.

AlterPresse pays particular attention to items documented, based on rational arguments and written with care.

AlterPresse pays special attention to articles and documents from the research community as well as those dealing with situations that relate to the social sectors, to disadvantaged and marginalized, women, peasants, workers, residents of neighborhoods, to children in the social, economic, political and cultural concern with the present realities in all their complexity.

Articles submitted to AlterPresse are primarily the responsibility of their authors. But, as a broadcaster, AlterPresse buttressed always to respect the truth, privacy and does not tolerate defamatory.

AlterPresse advocates taking into account its contributors values ​​of respect for others and courtesy.

Articles and other documents submitted to AlterPresse are not automatically publishable. If successful, their distribution responds only to the exclusive publication of agenda AlterPresse.

The publication of articles or documents on AlterPresse rests solely with the editorial structure of the agency.

Any text or document is inadmissible by anonymous AlterPresse. However, the agency may, under certain conditions, guarantee anonymity to any contributeurTrice requesting it.

AlterPresse is not required to provide the grounds for refusal of an article or document.

AlterPresse does not publish item-response to an article published by other media.

March 2006


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