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Haiti : Negotiations between the Government and the Public Transport Trade Unions

Posted on Tuesday 19 June 2007

P-au-P., 19 June 07 [AlterPresse] --- Negotiations are proceeding between the Executive and the spokesmen of the syndicates in control of the strike, that has paralyzed public transport on the 12th and 13th of June, according to information received by AlterPresse.
It is the minister of social affairs who has been commissioned to pursue these talks.
At the time of the preceding discussions between the head of state and the public transport syndicates, held the day after the strike, René Préval has made some promises with the latter about two of their claims concerning in particular the (...)

Haiti : Activities in Favour of Non-Violence

Posted on vendredi 15 juin 2007

Translated from French by Menno Ernst
P-au-P, June 15th 2007 [AlterPresse] --- The campaign for the reduction of violence in Haiti organizes a whole series of activities during the week going from the 11th to the 17th of June 2007, in order to promote peace and non-violence on the national territory, according to the information communicated to the online agency AlterPresse.
A "march for peace" is envisaged this June 15th 2007, in the centre of the capital not far from the presidential palace, within the framework of this weeks actions for the peace implemented by this regrouping of (...)

Football : the Haitian National Selection of U-17 is complete again after a Spectacular Desertion

Posted on vendredi 15 juin 2007

Translated from French by Menno Ernst
Friday 15th June 2007
P-au-P, June 15th 2007 [AlterPresse] ---The Haitian football team under 17 years is complete again, after experiencing an important unrest due to the desertion, on June 12th 2007 in New York, of 13 of the 18 team members, learns the online agency AlterPresse.
In the United States of America, where they made a stopover before taking a flight to South Korea, these young Haitian footballers deserted the group during the night of the 12th of June 2007, according to information relayed by the press.
These members of the U-17 team, (...)

Haiti-Switzerland-Duvalier : NGOs demand the freezing of funds of “former dictators” as long as necessary

Posted on vendredi 15 juin 2007

Translated from French by Menno Ernst
Thursday 14th June 2007
P-au-P, June 14 th 2007 [AlterPresse] --- Some twenty organizations and Swiss and international solidarity networks demand from the Swiss authorities the blocking of "the money of former potentates", of whom the Haitian ex dictator Jean-Claude Duvalier, "as long as necessary to allow the legal authorities of the countries concerned to take action”.
This request is stated in a letter addressed to the President of the Confederation, Micheline Calmy-Rey, and to the federal Adviser Christoph Blocher, indicates a note transmitted (...)

Towards the organization, in June 2007, of a third summit on the development of Haiti by tourism

Posted on mercredi 30 mai 2007

P-au-P., 25 May 07 [AlterPresse] --- The third edition of the top on the « economic and social development of Haiti by tourism » has been announced for the 22nd, 23rd and 24th of June 2007 at Deauville Resort, Miami Beach, In Florida (USA), according to the online press agency AlterPresse.
This top is an initiative of the « Modern Ways Marketing & Associates Inc (MWM) », based in the USA.
By organizing this activity, the organism wants to continue working for a new political culture of tourism, in Haiti.
The organizers of the third edition of the summit on the development of Haiti by (...)

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