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WACC-Caribe : New executive committee, New agenda

Posted on Tuesday 20 September 2005

Paramaribo, 20 sept. 05 [AlterPresse] --- A three-day workshop/seminar and assembly of WACC-Caribe (World Association of Christian Communication-Caribbean) comes to an end on September 17, 2005 in Paramaribo, capital of Surinam. The assembly of WACC-Caribe members elected a new executive committee of the regional branch of the organization.
The new president is Maximiliano Dueñas Guzman (Puerto Rico) who will succeed Gotson Pierre from Haiti. Ary Régis (Haiti) and Lili Suarez (Cuba) are respectively vice-president and secretary. The general assembly also elected two ex-officio members and (...)

Mobilization Test Succeeds Not, However, Without Damage

Posted on Saturday 15 November 2003

By Ronald Colbert
Translated from French by Max Blanchet P-au-P., 14 Nov 2003 [AlterPresse] --- The Group of 184 succeeded, not without damage, in mobilizing large segments of the capital’s population in the morning of Friday, November 14, 2003, in a challenge to the governance model being implemented by the Lavalas Government in Haiti.
In spite of their apprehension and the government’s orchestrated attempts to stop and/or intimidate the movement during the preceding week, thousands dared challenge the threats of regime’s partisans by going to the Champ de Mars, Port-au-Prince’s main (...)

Haiti: Bicentennial, reparations and conjuncture

Posted on Wednesday 5 November 2003

Interview with Christophe Wargny
by Gotson Pierre
Translated from French by Max Blanchet Port-au-Prince, November 3, 03 [AlterPresse] — We would need a neutral institution to receive French money in the event restitution is made for the ransom paid by Haiti to France for the recognition of its independence, according to French historian Christophe Wargny in an interview given to AlterPresse. Questions relating to restitution, the celebration of the Bicentennial of Haiti’s Independence in 2004 and the current condition of the Haitian political regime were thoroughly discussed during (...)

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