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Haiti : What are the challenges that Préval must face?

Posted on Friday 3 March 2006

By Gotson Pierre, 23 February 2006 AlterPresse - www.alterpresse.org
Translated from French by Charles Arthur www.haitisupport.gn.apc.org
A week after the proclamation of his victory in the 7 February elections, René Préval is taking stock of the expectations awaiting him in the context of a current situation marked by a problematic political transition and recurring social and economic problems.
At his first press conference on 22 February, the new head of state admitted, "I am frightened to see the passions aroused by the presidential campaign, the election of a president, and the (...)

Trinidad : “Carnival this year was as clean as one expected”, said Police Commissioner

Posted on Thursday 2 March 2006

By Exilus Deceyon
Port of Spain, 02 Mar. 06 [AlterPresse] --- Acting Deputy Police Commissioner Winston Cooper said yesterday that although there were two killings in Chaguanas and a few skirmishes, there were no major incidents during the two-day revelry.
Cooper said, “Carnival this year was as clean as one expected. There were some minor incidents but with the large number of officers who were on duty we (the police) dealt with the situations.
He said a total of 145 people were arrested and charged with varying offences between J’Ouvert morning and Carnival Tuesday.
These arrests (...)

Haiti - Elections : “How the international community can best help ?”

Posted on Wednesday 8 February 2006

By Charles Arthur
London, 8 Feb. 06 [AlterPresse] --- In a new briefing paper entitled, "Hope against the odds - What elections promise for Haiti", the British development organisation, Christian Aid, has made a number of recommendations on how the international community can best help Haiti move forward.
With regard to the election process that began yesterday (February 7, 2006) with the first round voting for the Presidency and the Parliament, Christian Aid says the international community, including the United Kingdom (UK), must be alert to the destabilising tactics of certain (...)

Trinidad : Ex-DEA informant made call to security ministry

Posted on Tuesday 24 January 2006

By Exilus Deceyon
Port of Spain Jan. 24, 06 [AlterPresse] --- National Security Minister Martin Joseph has confirmed that former United States Drug Enforcement Agency associate Vernon Paul tried to contact him regarding an alleged link between high-ranking ruling PNM officials and a plot to destabilise the UNC in the 2002 general election.
In a statement he delivered during yesterday’s sitting of the House of Representatives, Joseph said he did not speak with Paul because of his reputation.
This week’s Sunday Guardian exclusively reported that Paul, who is now living in Venezuela under (...)

Oxfam readies for an awareness-raising campaign on the control of the proliferation of small arms

Posted on Tuesday 17 January 2006

Port-au-Prince, 13 January 2006 - The international organization, Oxfam Great Britain, is ready to launch a national campaign against the illegal and unregulated influx of small arms and light weapons. Yolette Etienne, the OxfamGB representative in Haiti, told AlterPresse that the proliferation of small arms in Haiti urgently needs to be brought under control.
As part of the national campaign against armed violence, a national commission composed of members of different parts of Haitian society will be set up. The targeted sectors will be human rights organizations, and women’s and (...)

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