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Haiti-Earthquake : For when would we have strong measures to deal with seismic vulnerability?

Posted on Sunday 15 January 2017

Port-au-Prince, 14 january 2017 [AlterPresse] --- Progress has been made. There are many more skills. Technical structures have been set up but not strengthened. There is awareness of seismic threats. But adequate preparations, in terms of relevant responses to new earthquakes, are lacking. Awareness exists, but institutional mobilization is slow to become a reality in people’s lives.
Social housing should be a national emergency. Communities should have technical means to regulate construction. It is also important to update the construction guide, implemented in 2012 by the Ministry of (...)

Clinton E-Mails Point to US Intervention in 2010 Haiti Elections

Posted on Wednesday 14 September 2016

Reposted by AlterPresse from Center for Economic and Policy Research (Cepr)
“The situation cannot afford Washington to sit on sidelines. They elected him and they need [sic] pressure him. He can’t go unchecked,” Laura Graham, then the Chief Operating Officer of the Clinton Foundation, wrote to Bill Clinton in early 2012. Graham was referring to the increasingly erratic, and potentially dangerous, behavior of Haitian president Michel Martelly. When she said “Theyelected him,” she was referring to the US government, which intervened through the OAS to change the election results of the first (...)

Haiti-RD : Statelessness is imposed on Dominicans of Haitian descent

Posted on vendredi 9 septembre 2016

By Gotson Pierre
Reposted by AlterPresse from Latinamerica Press
Identified mainly by their physical features, Haitian migrants in the Dominican Republic, which shares with Haiti (Ayití in Haitian Creole) the Hispaniola Island, suffer the constant threat of being deported despite having been born in that country, having the Dominican nationality, or having worked for many years in the country and contributed to its economic growth.
There are now more than 130,000 people whose temporary residence permits expired in June 2015, therefore, they live with a sword of Damocles dangling over (...)

Haiti-Caribbean/Art : Haitian culture on the move as artists rebuild ties abroad

Posted on Tuesday 19 February 2013

By Robert Shaw
Bogota, Feb. 19, 2013 [AlterPresse] --- Jerry slip-sides deftly under the night sky lighting up the broken walls of Haiti´s capital. His rapid-fire hands spray paint this buzzing Caribbean city with images of love and hope side-by-side with pictures of prostitution and political destruction.
Jerry Rosembert Moise, a humble yet immensely driven 30-year-old who grew up in the ghettos of Port-au-Prince, plys his trade as a graffiti artist covering the walls of downtown Port-au-Prince and the suburbs of Petionville and Delmas.
After the massive earthquake that rocked Haiti on (...)

Women politicians start to dismantle “men’s clubs” across the Caribbean

Posted on Thursday 31 January 2013

Accused of building their own “palaces” and not speaking “Queen’s English”, women leaders across the Caribbean slowly but surely start to take the reins of power.
By Robert Shaw
Bogota, Jan. 31, 2013 [AlterPresse] --- As women politicians from Haiti to Trinidad and Tobago push hard to break into Caribbean politics, change is beginning to blow through the halls of the established “men’s clubs” that have long dominated the policy circles of these island nations.
“Women [in this region] are still judged by appearance over merit and it’s still too often about how you dress,” Angela Bruce-Raeburn, a (...)

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