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Haiti documentary gets mixed reviews at London screening

Posted on Friday 19 May 2006

By Charles Arthur (Haiti Support Group )
Submitted to AlterPresse on May 19, 2006
There was a mixed reaction from the audience at a special screening of a new documentary film about Haiti at Brixton’s Ritzy Cinema last week. "Failing Haiti", a 60-minute documentary released in November 2005, seeks to examine why international efforts continue to fail to make a difference in the lives of Haitians. Directed and produced by US American film-maker, Rod Paul, and written and narrated by the St. Petersburg Times’ Latin American correspondent, David Adams, the film centres on interviews (...)

Time to Support Haiti

Posted on Tuesday 25 April 2006

By Michael Deibert
Op-Ed submitted to AlterPresse - 23rd April 2006
On 14th May, if everything goes according to plan, Haiti will inaugurate René Garcia Prèval as its new president. Shortly thereafter, the country will install new senators and deputies for its upper and lower houses of parliament. Mr. Prèval, who served as Haiti’s president from 1996 until 2001, will take over the leadership of a country courtesy of a ballot supervised by the United Nations Stabilisation Mission in Haiti (MINUSTAH) and replace an unelected interim government that has overseen convulsing violence and (...)

Haïti’s Women: Economic and Political involvement

Posted on Thursday 20 April 2006

By Marie Carmel Paul-Austin
Dedicated to Delicia Jean, Peasant feminist leader who died in Port-au-Prince on April 9, 2006
Relayed by AlterPresse on April 20, 2006
The national context
In the heart of the multidimensional crisis facing Haïti, lies the mere application of the Constitution of 1987. In fact, 19 years later, one can assert that none of the institutions described and foreseen in it has been erected. That is why, for all political and legal experts, it is difficult, let us say impossible to have a State of Law in such conditions, in other words how to establish the (...)

Haiti in the 2005 World Press Freedom Review

Posted on Thursday 30 March 2006

The Haiti chapter in the 2005 World Press Freedom Review from International Press Institute
By Charles Arthur
Published by AlterPresse on March 30, 2006
The repercussions of the armed revolt and collapse of the Lavalas Family party government in early 2004 continued to be felt, as armed groups, many of them with political affiliations, challenged the authority of the interim government and frequently clashed with the national police force and troops of the United Nations Stabilization Mission in Haiti (MINUSTAH). Throughout the year, the sprawling slum areas of the capital city, (...)

Who Benefits from Aristide’s Return to Haiti?

Posted on Friday 24 February 2006

By Daniel Simidor
Submitted to AlterPresse on February 23, 2006
Aristide’s decision to return to play the Nelson Mandela of Haitian politics, even before Preval’s inauguration, is very destabilizing. Even in a country with such strong and stable institutions, Mr. Mandela’s status as paramount chief of South African politics places him above Mbeki - sort of the relationship between the CEO (Mbeki) and the Chairman of the Board (Mandela) in many corporations. Fortunately for South Africa, the real Mandela has retired for good and gone back to private life.
Aristide on the other hand is (...)

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