Haiti-Dominican Republic : Lake Azuei, a bridge for child traffickers

Posted on jeudi 4 octobre 2012

By Milo Milfort
P-au-P, 4 Oct. 2012 [AlterPresse] --- Lake Azuei, also called Brackish Pond, is not only Haiti´s main natural lake covering over 110 km2 of land, but is also visually spectacular. Aquatic plants dot the area mixed with alligators, eels and fresh tilapia fish. But it is also a place of high activity for child traffickers.
The lake represents a strategic area uncontrolled and unprotected between Haiti and the Dominican Republic, a bi-national threat to the stability of relations between the two countries.
"The lake is used by Haitian-Dominican trafficking networks to get (...)

Mis-management of US funding for Haiti

Posted on Friday 17 August 2012

P-au-P., 17 Aug. 2012 [AlterPresse] --- A lack of transparency by the United States authorities in the allocation of funds to humanitarian organisations in Haiti has exposed serious flaws in the management of US taxpayer’s money, according to an article published on 24 July this year by the The Miami Herald.
Trenton Daniel and Martha Mendoza, the AP reporters who wrote the article, compiled the piece as part of an investigative report into US aid to Haiti under a Freedom of Information Act request, pulling data from the US development Agency, USAID and the US State Department.
Their (...)

Haiti : In conquest of liberty

Posted on Monday 30 July 2012

By Marie-Thérèse Labossière Thomas
Submitted to AlterPresse on July 30, 2012
Author’s Note: On February 11, 1998, I presented at the US National Archives “Haiti: The Birth of a Nation,” as part of the Black History Series. Today, the matter of who we are and how we began is still relevant, as we seek to determine our future. Below are the texts of the announcement and the presentation. Marie-Thérèse Labossière Thomas, July 29, 2012
"Wednesday, February 11 Black History Series "Haiti: The Birth of a Nation." Marie-Therese Labossiere Thomas will present an overview of the Haitian Revolution, (...)

Haiti-Environment: More than 162 families to be relocated soon because of an ecological threat, according to the Dpc

Posted on Monday 23 July 2012

P-au-P, July 22th 2012 [AlterPresse] --- More than 162 families, living in 3 localities (Kicroix, Boucambour and Saint-Antoine) of Bourgas (second district section of Kenscoff/ Est), are to be evacuated by the authorities of the Bureau of civil protection, explains the coordinator of the Bureau of civil protection of the Ouest, Nadia Lochard, in an interview she gave to Alterpresse, this Wednesday, July 18th.
“Plans are being conceived to know where these people will be relocated within the metropolitan area of Port-au-Prince as rapidly as possible”, explains Lochard.
Given the (...)

Haiti-Cuba : For an International Solidarity Movement with Fidel Castro and Cuba, “Heroes of International Solidarity.”

Posted on Friday 26 August 2011

By Franck Laraque *
Transmitted to AlterPresse on August 24, 2011
A large majority of the member countries of the United Nations, countries and popular organizations that have benefitted from the solidarity of Fidel Castro and Cuba in the form of aid in health care, education, and the defense of the political and economic rights of minorities since the Revolution of 1959, have never stopped denouncing and criticizing the criminal embargo of the United States against Cuba, but without much success.
It is time to resort to a peaceful international solidarity movement and unleash a series (...)

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