Chavez and the world

Posted on Sunday 17 March 2013

By Marcel Duret *
Submitted to AlterPresse on March 17, 2013
In October 1999, after only 8 months in office, President Hugo Chavez made a state visit in Japan. I had the honor of meeting him at the Foreign Correspondence Club in Tokyo, where he gave a speech that remained engraved in my memory. In that speech he shared with the Diplomatic Corps and the journalists his answer when the Japanese Emperor asked him: “How come a country as rich in natural resources as Venezuela can have 80% of its population living under poverty level?” Hugo Chavez confessed that while he welcomed the Emperor’s (...)

Haiti-Caribbean/Art : Haitian culture on the move as artists rebuild ties abroad

Posted on Tuesday 19 February 2013

By Robert Shaw
Bogota, Feb. 19, 2013 [AlterPresse] --- Jerry slip-sides deftly under the night sky lighting up the broken walls of Haiti´s capital. His rapid-fire hands spray paint this buzzing Caribbean city with images of love and hope side-by-side with pictures of prostitution and political destruction.
Jerry Rosembert Moise, a humble yet immensely driven 30-year-old who grew up in the ghettos of Port-au-Prince, plys his trade as a graffiti artist covering the walls of downtown Port-au-Prince and the suburbs of Petionville and Delmas.
After the massive earthquake that rocked Haiti on (...)

Jean-Claude Duvalier must not be allowed to evade justice in Haiti

Posted on Wednesday 6 February 2013

Press release from Amnesty International
Transmitted to AlterPresse on February 6, 2013
Former Haitian leader Jean-Claude Duvalier must not be allowed to evade justice for his alleged responsibility for crimes against humanity committed during his time in office and the victims must receive reparations, Amnesty International said as a Court was due to hear an appeal on the case against the former President known as "Baby Doc".
During the hearing, the Court will assess a request by victims’ families and survivors of torture, illegal executions and enforced disappearances during (...)

Women politicians start to dismantle “men’s clubs” across the Caribbean

Posted on Thursday 31 January 2013

Accused of building their own “palaces” and not speaking “Queen’s English”, women leaders across the Caribbean slowly but surely start to take the reins of power.
By Robert Shaw
Bogota, Jan. 31, 2013 [AlterPresse] --- As women politicians from Haiti to Trinidad and Tobago push hard to break into Caribbean politics, change is beginning to blow through the halls of the established “men’s clubs” that have long dominated the policy circles of these island nations.
“Women [in this region] are still judged by appearance over merit and it’s still too often about how you dress,” Angela Bruce-Raeburn, a (...)

Haiti : Women in Politics – Exclusive Interview with former Haitian Prime Minister, Michelle Pierre-Louis

Posted on Monday 28 January 2013

By Robert Shaw
P-au-P., 28 jan. 2013 [AlterPresse] --- In the current Martelly-Lamothe administration (2011-2016) from 23 Ministries there are now 10 women ministers who represent 44% of the Government:
1. Minister of Finance and Economy - Marie Carmelle Jean-Marie

2. Minister of Tourism - Stéphanie Balmir Villedrouin
3. Minister-Delegate to the Prime Minister for Human Rights and the Fight Against Extreme Poverty - Marie Carmelle Rose Anne Auguste
4. Minister-Delegate to the Prime Minister in charge of Promoting the Peasantry - Marie Mimose Félix
5. Minister of Womens’ Affairs and (...)

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