Haiti-DR Conflict: Priority to diplomatic dialogue, advocate the Jesuits bordering Ouanaminthe and Dajabón

Posted on Monday 25 September 2023

Joint Declaration of the Jesuits of Ouanaminthe (Republic of Haiti) and Dajabón (Dominican Republic)
Submitted to AlterPresse on September 25th 2023 The shared history between the Dominican and Haitian peoples has been marked by deep bonds of solidarity and fellowship, but also by some moments of discord. The 1929 Peace Treaty established a way of proceeding for settling disputes between the two sovereign nations. Priority is given to diplomatic dialogue, and if that fails, then the two countries commit to using international arbitration. This way of proceeding must be respected in (...)

Indebtedness economy : « We need to speak with one voice and act together in a coordinated way in the common interests of our peoples »

Posted on lundi 4 septembre 2023

Envisage a consortium of borrowing African countries as part of the breakaway transition… in order to initiate broad mobilization for sovereign repudiation of odious or illegitimate debt
« Our institutional systems have been constructed with a mirror effect, and we are playing and cannot change the rule of the game. New players are moving into new segments of capital, closer to the new forms of access to foreign and local capital that have emerged from the era of structural adjustment. There are now more members of state power recycled into companies. But more subtly, as in the private (...)

Haïti-Crisis : U.S.-based law school clinics call United States to respect the sovereignty of Haitian people

Posted on Monday 10 July 2023

Letter to Secretary of State Antony J. Blinken and Assistant Secretary of State for Western Hemisphere Affairs Brian A. Nichols
By Global Justice Clinic, New York University School of Law International Human Rights Clinic and Harvard Law School
Submitted to AlterPresse on July 10, 2023
The Honorable Antony J. Blinken U.S. Secretary of State 2201 C Street, N.W. Washington, D.C. 20037 Brian A. Nichols Assistant Secretary of State for Western Hemisphere Affairs 2201 C Street, N.W. Washington, D.C. 20037 Dear Secretary Blinken and Assistant Secretary Nichols,
July 10, 2023
We, (...)

UN Chief urges the international community to consider immediate deployment of an international armed force in Haiti

Posted on Monday 10 October 2022

By Stéphane Dujarric, Spokesman for the UN Secretary-General, Antonio Guterres, on 09 October 2022
Transmitted to AlterPresse
The Secretary-General remains gravely concerned about the situation in Haiti, which is facing an outbreak of cholera amid a dramatic deterioration in security that has paralyzed the country.
The blockage of the Varreux fuel terminal has brought critical services required to prevent the rapid spread of the disease to a stand-still, including the distribution of potable water. Again, the most vulnerable sectors of the Haitian population are those hit the hardest. (...)

WACC calls to the safe release of the journalist Edner Fils Décime by his kidnappers in Haïti

Posted on Thursday 4 August 2022

Press release of the World association of Christian communication – Wacc
Transmitted to AlterPresse
To whom it may concern
As an international non-governmental organisation concerned with press freedom and the right to communicate, WACC wishes to add its voice to the case of Edner Fils Décime, who has been kidnapped and is the subject of a ransom demand.
Edner Fils Décime, a journalist with AlterPresse and AlterRadio, part of the Médiaalternatif group, is still in the hands of his kidnappers, three weeks after he was kidnapped with several other people in Delmas. The media for which he (...)

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