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Haiti-Prime Minister : RNDDH reminds Parliament that they are not in their positions to violate human rights

Statement by RNDDH Executive Director Pierre Esperance, July 10, 2008

Transmitted to AlterPresse on July 15, 2008

RNDDH, an organization that promotes and defends human rights,
recognizes the liberty each person has to choose their sexual
orientation or the sexuality they desire according to the corresponding
principles of human rights. These principles primarily include the
Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the International Pact for
Civil and Political Rights.

RNDDH notes that there are numerous forms of sexuality, but one that is
dominant. This reality does not grant any person or sector the right to
deny other forms of sexuality by condemning them, claiming they are not
good or moral.

RNDDH questions the debate surrounding the sexual orientation of the
designated Prime Minister.

RNDDH asks why this debate has never before occurred regarding the
sexual orientation of the many other dignitaries who have held high
positions within the State, though there was talk surrounding them.

Is it because the others were men that this question was not raised?
RNDDH reminds Haitian society that if we want to build a proper
democracy, we must respect all rights of others. For example:

- The right to health, a home, food, speech, and participation in the
country’s affairs along with the right to sexual orientation.

- RNDDH believes that the sexual orientation of a person has no
relation to the competency, capacity, or morality a person needs to hold
a position with the State. It is, rather, the politics and vision of a
person that lead him/her to respect human rights that is important.

- RNDDH reminds Parliament that they are not in their positions to
violate human rights, but rather to guarantee human rights. Thus,
Parliament has no reason to consider the talk surrounding the sexual
orientation of a candidate for the position of Prime Minister, has no
reason to claim that he/she is immoral.

- Therefore, RNDDH reminds Parliament that the State has an obligation
to guarantee human rights without regard (an obligation without
discrimination) to: color, sex, race, religion, or social status.

Others who have served as Prime Minister, Ministers who have been
surrounded by rumors regarding their sexual orientation, have never had
to tolerate this.

- As such, Parliament has never posed questions regarding the rumors
surrounding the sexual orientation of a candidate because she is female.

- Questions of other forms of sexuality have existed throughout the
country. Rumors have spread regarding many men, but there has never been
a debate carried out about such matters.

- Therefore, it seems clear that this is not a debate regarding sexual
orientation, but rather this is a debate whose roots are in sex

- RNDDH believes that the Haitian society must end with this hypocrisy
because hypocrisy will not help us to respect human rights; on the
contrary, it will only encourage the violation of human rights.