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The American Market, closed for Haitian mangos

P-au-P., 10 juil. 07 [AlterPresse] --- The Haitian Secretary of State, Jonas Gué, revealed, on the 9th of July, that the American Department of Agriculture has decided to prohibit the exportation of Haitian mangos on the American territory.

The American measure has taken effect on the 2nd of July, following up the discovery of living fly larvae on the fruit in three containers of Francisque mangos exported by three Haitian companies, he specifies.

Provisions have been taken by the government to facilitate a fast recovery of these exports, announces the Secretary of State. Meetings have taken place at the highest levels, and particularly with the different actors of this economic branch, he continues.

At the request of the Haitian government, two American experts returned to the country this Sunday to evaluate the economic branch and to produce a certification.

The government has reacted as fast as possible, seeing this economic branch as extremely important for the national economy and for the environmental balance of certain areas, explained Gué.

While waiting for the continuation of exports, the government also thinks about taking complementary measurements to compensate for the losses by various actors of this economic branch, which generates annually between 20 and 40 million dollars for the country.

One of the regions most affected by this export prohibition of Haitian mangos towards The United States is Gros Morne, in Artibonite (North). [gp me gp apr 10/07/2007 15:30]