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Haiti-United States/Tourism : Requests for a Reinforcement of Actions for Stabilization and against Violent Crimes

Translated from French by Menno Ernst

Monday 25th June 2007

Miami, Florida (Etats-Unis d’Amérique), June 25th, 2007 [AlterPresse] --- The participants of the third edition of the summit on tourism and the economic development in Haiti encourage the authorities of the Carribean republic to continue their actions in favour of political stability and to strengthen the struggle against violent crimes.

These are the principal comments recorded by the online agency AlterPresse, on Sunday 24th June, at the end of the forum, which took place between the 22nd and the 24th of June 2007 in Miami Beach (Florida, United States of America).

The representatives of various delegations from Haiti, other countries of the Caribbean and the United States, hope that the leaders will also work in favour of the improvement of the Haiti’s image towards the rest of the world.

"The media and organized groups should play an important part in a possible promotion campaign of Haiti abroad", considers Ahpaly Coradin, a young haïtian-American lawyer.

Various Haitian and foreign private groups, who took place in the event, affirm having received the information on the opportunities offered by Haiti that are considered to be useful.

But, some are still worried about the general situation of the country, in spite of the "reassuring" words of president Rene Garcia Préval who, returned from the summit of the Caribbean Community (Caricom) with the administration of president George Walker Bush in Washington, intervened Saturday 23rd June, on the second day of the summit.

The remarks of Haiti’s Head of State apparently had an encouraging echo by Raoul Kuame, the senator of Chicago of Haitian origin, carrying a message for the participants from Barak Obama, one of the candidates soliciting for the ticket of the democratic party for the American presidential elections in November 2008. Obama himself could not make the trip to take part in the third edition (2007) of the summit on tourism and the economic development in Haiti, held in Miami.

In addition, the agencies and tour operators noted a significant request addressed to the diaspora choose Haiti as their holiday destination during the summer period of 2007.

"It is good sign", mentioned Yanick Martin, head of tourism for the South-eastern geographical department of Haiti, present at the forum.

Besides president Préval and members of his government, as well as the president of the French National Assembly, Joseph Lambert, representatives of the Haitian tourist association and other organizations took part in the exchanges.

The fourth edition of the summit on tourism and the economic development in Haiti is planned for the summer of 2008 in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. [pe rc apr 25/06/2007 11:30]