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Haïti : René Préval at the United States-Caricom Summit in Washington

P-au-P, 19 June 07 [AlterPresse] --- President René Garcia Préval left Port-au-Prince, on Monday June 18, 2007, for the United States of America to take part in a summit of the economic Caribbean Community (Caricom) with the United States of America.

This summit, which is held in Washington between 19th and 21st June, is the occasion for the Heads of State and the Caribbean government to discuss, with the American president George W. Bush, the human trade and traffic as well as the economic question in the area.

Before leaving the Haitian capital, Rene Préval has welcomed the press in the diplomatic lounge of the International airport Toussaint Louverture. Préval explained the reason for its trip has answered some questions relating to the investment and the security in the country.

René Préval believes that security is primordial to attract these investments to Haiti.

About security, Préval approached the topic of a new force that has to be put into place. The Head of State estimates that it is up to the Prime Minister Jacques Édouard Alexis to set up a commission charged to study the nature of this force.

Meanwhile, the head of the government was awaited at the Parliament, 18th June 2007, to bring explanations on the establishment of this new force.

The Armed Forces of Haiti (FADH) were dismantled in 1994 by president Jean-Jean-Bertrand Aristide. The National Police of Haiti (Pnh) has just celebrated its 12th birthday the 12th June 2007.

During this time span of 15 years, Haiti has already experienced two deployments of foreign soldiers. The first took place in 1994 to facilitate the return from exile of Jean-Bertrand Aristide. With the fall of the latter in 2004, another landing of foreign troops took place within the framework of the United Nations Stabilization Mission in Haiti (Minustah). [do gp me apr 19/6/2007 12:45]