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Haiti : Negotiations between the Government and the Public Transport Trade Unions

P-au-P., 19 June 07 [AlterPresse] --- Negotiations are proceeding between the Executive and the spokesmen of the syndicates in control of the strike, that has paralyzed public transport on the 12th and 13th of June, according to information received by AlterPresse.

It is the minister of social affairs who has been commissioned to pursue these talks.

At the time of the preceding discussions between the head of state and the public transport syndicates, held the day after the strike, René Préval has made some promises with the latter about two of their claims concerning in particular the tariffs of fines and of number plates.

On the other hand the question of fuel prices, which the syndicates want to see reduced, is left to the coming negotiations with the minister of social affairs.

From its side, the “Committee Initiative National Strike of transport”, who has taken the initiative for the recent strike, was give, on 18th of June, 48 hours to announce its decision. [gp me apr 19/6/2007 12:40]