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Haiti : Activities in Favour of Non-Violence

Translated from French by Menno Ernst

P-au-P, June 15th 2007 [AlterPresse] --- The campaign for the reduction of violence in Haiti organizes a whole series of activities during the week going from the 11th to the 17th of June 2007, in order to promote peace and non-violence on the national territory, according to the information communicated to the online agency AlterPresse.

A "march for peace" is envisaged this June 15th 2007, in the centre of the capital not far from the presidential palace, within the framework of this weeks actions for the peace implemented by this regrouping of social organizations.

These activities in favour of non-violence are simultaneously held in several countries of the world with the objective to promote peace, emphasize the organizers.

Another point of attention of this coming march is the control and the non-proliferation of small arms as well as the struggle against violence.
Started in Haiti in March 2006, the campaign for the reduction of violence has already undertaken many initiatives within the framework of its objectives, which consist of a research task, sensibilization and formations on the peaceful transformation of conflicts, in cooperation with five key sectors : young people, women, artists, media workers and teachers.

The Campaign, which is a regrouping of social organizations, is also meant to be a mission of support to the basic organizations in order to develop Community activities in zones at the risk and to reflect the lessons drawn from the various Community experiments, around the social alternatives which relate to the transformation and the reduction of conflicts.

The Campaign for the reduction of violence intends to develop pleas and actions of lobbying, aimed to the state authorities, for the installation of a legal framework (national and international), seeking to control the circulation of weapons in the country as well as public policies capable to guarantee human security. [do rc apr 15/06/2007 12 :20]