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Towards the organization, in June 2007, of a third summit on the development of Haiti by tourism

P-au-P., 25 May 07 [AlterPresse] --- The third edition of the top on the « economic and social development of Haiti by tourism » has been announced for the 22nd, 23rd and 24th of June 2007 at Deauville Resort, Miami Beach, In Florida (USA), according to the online press agency AlterPresse.

This top is an initiative of the « Modern Ways Marketing & Associates Inc (MWM) », based in the USA.

By organizing this activity, the organism wants to continue working for a new political culture of tourism, in Haiti.

The organizers of the third edition of the summit on the development of Haiti by tourism have as an ambition the selling of the Haitian tourism on the world market, particularly in those market segments of the Haitian community abroad, as said in a note delivered to AlterPresse.

During these three days of June 2007 the coordinators foresee conferences and roundtables that will reunite Haitian and foreign representatives of all sectors. These personalities will be divided into 7 panels to discuss about decentralisation and tourism.

The second edition of the summit in 2006, attended by the president, René Garcia Préval, and members of his team, was presented as being “an open window on Haiti”. [do rc me gp apr 30/05/2007 07:00]