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Haiti is taking « a new significant step in the struggle against armed gangs », according to the UN

P-au-P, April 25 th, 07 [AlterPresse] — The arrest of gang leader Belony Pierre on the 21st of April at St Michel de l’Attalaye (North in Haiti) by the national police « marks a new significant step in the struggle against armed gangs » in Haiti, estimated The United Nations in a note transmitted to haitian on line agency AlterPresse.

The Struggle against gangs in Haiti « has intensified during the last months, with the support of the United Nation’s Mission for Stabilisation in Haiti (MINUSTAH) », as has been indicated to AlterPresse by a dispatch of the UN News Centre.

The MINUSTAH has supported the national Police during the transfer and the detention of Belony Pierre to the head quarter of the judicial police in Port-au-Prince, where he has to stand trial for murder and kidnapping.

Belony Pierre was fugitive since the end of February 2007, when MINUSTAH forces and the police took over control of his bastion in the Cité-Soleil (periphery north of the capital).

Belony Pierre is already the fifth gang leader who has been arrested by the Haitian police and UN soldiers since the launch of a wave of military and police operations in the slums of Cité-Soleil.

Johnny Pierre Louis, alias Ti Bazil, is the first out of these gangs to be neutralized by the order troops. His arrest has taken place on the evening of the 18th of February 2007, while thousands of Haitians took part in the carnival festivities.

Johnny Pierre Louis is considered to be the lieutenant of gang leader Evens Jeune, alias Ti Kouto, who has been arrested on the 13th of March 2007, in the commune of Cayes in the southern administrative region. After his transfer to Port-au-Prince, in the afternoon of that same day, Evens Jeune has already been presented to the public prosecutor’s department of the capital, where he has answered questions to a judge who’s in charge of his file.

In the beginning of April 2007, gang leaders like Alain Cadet, alias Pinochet, Jean Tony (Lieutenant of Belony) and William Baptiste, alias Ti Blanc, have also been incarcerated during the Easter festivities.

Meanwhile, police authorities are still after other bandits, like Jean Tony, Yoyo Piman, Wilson, Amaral Duclonat and Blade Nazon.

A television message showing pictures of these gang leaders is being shown on hertzian television channels of the Haitian capital since several weeks, asking the population to cooperate with the order troops to arrest the persons concerned. [me rc apr 04/25/2007 16:00]