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Flash back 2006

Haiti - Elections : “How the international community can best help ?”

First published by AlterPresse on Wednesday 8 February 2006

By Charles Arthur

London, 8 Feb. 06 [AlterPresse] --- In a new briefing paper entitled, "Hope against the odds - What elections promise for Haiti", the British development organisation, Christian Aid, has made a number of recommendations on how the international community can best help Haiti move forward.

With regard to the election process that began yesterday (February 7, 2006) with the first round voting for the Presidency and the Parliament, Christian Aid says the international community, including the United Kingdom (UK), must be alert to the destabilising tactics of certain political groups who stand to lose from the election results. The report states, "The will of the Haitian people expressed at the (forthcoming) polls must be respected".

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