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Flash back 2006

Haiti rejoins CARICOM

First published by AlterPresse on Thursday 24 August 2006

By Charles Arthur for ’Eye on the Caribbean’, an AlterPresse service in conjunction with the Haiti Support Group

At the CARICOM heads of state meeting in St Kitts and Nevis in early July, Haiti was finally readmitted as a full participating member of the Caribbean regional body, bringing an end to a suspension that lasted more than two years.

Following the collapse of the Lavalas Family party government and its replacement by the interim government administration headed by Gérard Latortue in March 2004, Caribbean leaders said that the very basis of electoral democracy had been disregarded. On the grounds that the Latortue administration could not be accepted as a legitimate representative of the Haitian people, and in protest against the unconstitutional demise of the Aristide government, Haiti was henceforth not invited to participate in CARICOM meetings.

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