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Caribean : Next talks Barbados / Trinidad for fishing in international territorial waters

By Exilus Deceyon

Port of Spain, April 23 rd 2006 [AlterPresse] --- Trinidad and Tobago (T&T) and Barbados next must engage negotiations in order to regulate fishing between the two caribean countries in its international territorial waters, learned the agency in line AlterPresse.

Barbados Prime Minister, Owen Arthur, has written to T&T Prime Minister, Patrick Manning, seeking to expedite negotiation between the two countries which would lead to Barbadian fishermen catching flying fish in T&T’s waters.

“He has written me on that matter and I had a brief discussion with him. I will respond to him when I get home”, revealed Manning, who indicated he got the letter from Arthur on Tuesday, April 18 th, 2006.

One week after the Arbitration tribunal ordered T&T and Barbados to conclude a settlement of the longstanding fishing row, the Prime Minister of Barbados kept his promise to write Manning on the matter.

For years, Barbados and T&T have been at loggerheads over Bajan fishermen wanting to fish in T&T’s waters.

Barbados took the matter to the International Court of Arbitration and the court gave a line of demarcation and ordered the two sides to discuss a settlement.

The Barbadians have argued that it was a victory for them, because they have forced T&T to talk, while T&T has also claimed victory, underlining the country has protected all its valuable hydrocarbon resources.

Manning asserted he expected the fishing matter to be settled, because the lines of demarcation were now clearer. [de rc apr 04/23/2006 0 :00]