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Trinidad : “Carnival this year was as clean as one expected”, said Police Commissioner

By Exilus Deceyon

Port of Spain, 02 Mar. 06 [AlterPresse] --- Acting Deputy Police Commissioner Winston Cooper said yesterday that although there were two killings in Chaguanas and a few skirmishes, there were no major incidents during the two-day revelry.

Cooper said, “Carnival this year was as clean as one expected. There were some minor incidents but with the large number of officers who were on duty we (the police) dealt with the situations.

He said a total of 145 people were arrested and charged with varying offences between J’Ouvert morning and Carnival Tuesday.

These arrests took place throughout T&T where there were Carnival celebrations.
The crimes include possession of weapons, obscene language, resisting arrest, assault and wounding.

Cooper, who is in charge of Operations, spoke on behalf of Police Commissioner Trevor Paul, who went to Barbados yesterday for a day.

Cooper said the police, supported by Defence Force officers and other members of the protective services, carried out this year’s Carnival crime plan effectively.

He thanked members of the business community for their support in assisting in the plan.

He said some of the crime initiatives for this year’s Carnival would continue into the year.

Some businessmen provided surveillance cameras and other security technology, used in parts of Port-of-Spain.

Cooper also commended the public, as well as law enforcement officers, for their support and understanding over the two days.

He said the blimp, National Security helicopters and the Eye in the Sky contributed to the crime-free Carnival.

“Carnival was a great success and this is because of the good support by the public,” he said.

“Crime is everyone’s business and the police cannot fight crime alone, without the support of the public,” he added.

There were two killings in Chaguanas during J’Ouvert celebrations.

Larry Jones, 26, of Chris Trace, Chaguanas, was stabbed near the Chaguanas Market during a row.

Moments later, Khada Predie, 28, of Enterprise, was shot while standing at Busy Corner, Chaguanas.

Cooper said those two killings did not mar Carnival celebrations.

He said, too, that Traffic and Highway Patrol officers were also out on all the major highways conducting road exercises.

He said 290 drivers were prosecuted for speeding, while 178 other motorists were charged with other traffic offences. [ed gp apr 02/03/2006 11:00]