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Haiti : "Preval prevailed because he offers the best hope to pull Haiti out of the abyss"

By JR Larrieux

In reaction to the Marie-Frantz Joachim article’s : “Vive l’utopie d’une Haiti nouvelleâ€

Submitted to AlterPresse on February 19, 2006

To the Editorial board of AlterPresse and Marie Frantz Joachim

I appreciate very much that the debate about Rene Preval and the other two candidates to have achieved a minimum of success in the elections, continues in the Haitian Media.

I would like to suggest that the author has only reluctantly accepted Preval’s victory. She failed to demonstrate even the appearance of objectivity and fairness in her writing.

Preval is demonized because of his past ties to Aristide while mentioning casually his achievements. The author seems to ignore the fact that during the first Preval’s administration, the opposition was interested only in preventing a functionning government in order to undermine him and grab power. This has been a fact of life throughout our history.

She also failed to bring up the role of Manigat in the political debacle that occured during the 1986-88 transition. Manigat has failed to deliver a convincing proposal to rescue the country from the abyss.

As for Baker, he is all about "tough talk". He has made several statements that suggest he would not be a moderate and thougthful leader. Those statements are all there for the media to review and discuss. I expect an objective and fair minded jounalist to do just that.

The electorate has made a choice based on past and current information it has about all the candidates. Rene Préval prevailed because he offers the best hope to pull Haiti out of the abyss.

The message to the opposition and all future members of his government should be to work with him to accomplish this goal. A healthy opposition should be constructive while it is defending the interests of the people. It should not be the other way: "Block all progress in the hope this will win us power next election".

A concern citizen
JR Larrieux