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Trinidad - Kidnapping : US Embassy’s advisory stays

Port of Spain, 11 Jan. 06 [AlterPresse] --- The US Embassy says it is not going to alter its travel advisory to this country because of the recent discovery of the body of kidnap victim Balliram Maharaj.

The US Army veteran was kidnapped from the Saaman Tree Bar in Aranguez on April 6, last year.

Parts of his severed body was found last Sunday in a plastic barrel and styrofoam cooler in two holes in a forested area in Grand Curacaye, Santa Cruz. Yesterday, officials of the US Embassy said they had no intention of issuing a travel advisory because of the recent grisly find and offered no further comment on the issue.

“The Embassy has nothing to add to what has already been reported in the press,” the official said.

US Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) agents assisted in the recovery of Maharaj’s remains.

A $3 million ransom had been demanded by Maharaj’s abductors.

On january 10, Director of Public Prosecutions Geoffrey Henderson yesterday gave the order for police to charge three people, one of whom is a woman, for Maharaj’s murder.

They are expected to appear before a Port-of-Spain magistrate at some time today.

The three were charged after Anti Kidnapping Squad and Homicide officers interrogated 11 people in connection with the murder of kidnap victim Samdaye Rampersad. [Exilus Deceyon apr 11/01/2006 15:30]