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Cité Soleil - Distribution alimentaire : Mise au point de Yélé-Haiti

La direction de l’organisme Yélé-Haiti a fait parvenir à AlterPresse une note de mise au point au sujet d’une dépêche publiée le 14 novembre à propos d’une tentative de distribution de nourriture à Cité Soleil, par l’institution en question, conjointement avec le Programme Aimentaire Mondial (PAM).

Contrairement aux informations diffusées par AlterPresse, Yélé-Haiti soutient que l’opération se serait déroulée normalement.

Suit la note, signée de Gwynne Beatty, « Orsa Consultants managing the projects » à Yéle Haiti :

Points in contention

As we discussed yesterday, there are a few inaccuracies in your article, and I’d like to address them. I will go over them point by point.

Haiti : Two Food Help Trucks Pillaged at Cité Soleil ; An attempt of the World Food Programme and the Yéle Haïti organization to distribute food in Cité Soleil, a large shanty town north of the capital, ended in the pillaging of two food help trucks journalists stated.

Response : The trucks were not pillaged. The food was unloaded from the trucks. Some of it was put in a pile behind the truck and some of it was put on the stage for distribution. The bulk of the food did go to the intended recipients.

The confrontations lasted for about 30 minutes in which everyone was able to seize a portion of the food aid.

Response : This statement makes it seem as if the food was “seized†by people that pillaged the trucks in the course of 30 minutes. This is not the case. The food was unloaded from the trucks and largely distributed, albeit amongst desperate people, to the people of Cite Soleil. Also, we were there for over an hour, so this could not possibly be true.

Members of WFP and Yele Haiti, founded by Haitian-American star Wyclef Jean, accompanied by celebrity Haitian artists Gracia Delva and Don Kato, quickly left the site.

Response : There were no members of the World Food Programme there.

I stated in the press conference earlier that morning that we were going to stay for about 45 minutes total, explaining to the press that the food distribution was going to continue after we left because there was a lot of food to distribute. (We planned ahead that it was going to take about 2 hours to distribute the food). We actually stayed a little longer than the 45 minutes. We went to the food distribution on a bus for the purpose of bringing members of the media with us, and we let them know in email ahead of time that we were going to stay onsight approximately 45 minutes. In addition, the media had to get back to file their stories and meet their deadlines. We did not do anything other than what was planned in advance.

AlterPresse maintient avoir rapporté des témoignages de confrères sur place et qui peuvent être également consultés ailleurs. Elle s’était gardée de publier les photos qui vont suivre :


A propos de la présence au moment de la distribution de membres du PAM, AlterPresse peut s’être trompée, mais les témoignages dont elle dispose, attestent de la présence de personnes portant des maillots à l’effigie de l’agence onusienne d’assistance alimentaire.

Apr 25/11/05