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CARIBBEAN : Calling for cultural revolution against HIV:AIDS

Trinidad and Tobago expecting qualification to 2006 Soccer World Cup in Germany

- Jamaica: Journalist calls for cultural revolution to tackle HIV/AIDS

Veteran Jamaican journalist, Ian Boyne, has called for a ’cultural revolution’ to help battle the spread of HIV/AIDS.

Speaking to a Gleaner Public Editors’ Forum at the University of the West Indies on 4 September, Boyne said the fostering of old-fashioned values and standards will help build self-esteem among wayward youth, many of whom have been struck down by virus.

"The increasing hedonism in the society has worsened the problem (the growth of HIV/AIDS) and we need to develop a culture of restraint, a culture which places emphasis on character, chastity and faithfulness", said Boyne.

Boyne, who writes a weekly column in The Sunday Gleaner, said "There has to be a whole cultural revolution that focuses on the changing of values and the changing of attitudes in this society".

Boyne used figures from the Ministry of Health which indicated that HIV/AIDS is the second leading cause of death among persons aged 30-34 in Jamaica; that every week, 13 persons in this country die from HIV/AIDS; and that in 2002, HIV/AIDS was the leading cause of death of children aged one to four. These figures, he said, are ’cause for alarm.’

The troubling level of inequality in Jamaica, he stressed, contributes to the ’high incidence of HIV/AIDS’ in the country.

"The relationship between poverty and the level of sexual activity between young girls and older men cannot be glossed over, and to deal with this we have to take more than a simple health approach," he said.

"We have to take a multi-pronged approach."

Source: The Jamaica Gleaner

- Soccer: Trinidad and Tobago hold on to World Cup final hopes

Stern John scored twice in the last five minutes, as Trinidad and Tobago produced a dramatic comeback to beat Guatemala 3-2 in a World Cup qualifier in Port of Spain on 3 September.

The result put the Caribbean team level with Guatemala on seven points from seven games, and leaves the team in with a chance of qualifying as one of the 32 nations to be represented at the 2006 World Cup Finals in Germany.

There are four potential spots available to CONCACAF sides for the first time, but the USA have already secured one of the qualifying places following a 2-0 win over Mexico.

With only three games to go, Mexico and Costa Rica are still well placed to take the second and third spots. Trinidad and Tobago need to get a result in their next game away to Costa Rica on 7 September in order to stay in the frame for a play-off place.


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