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Haitians murdered in the Dominican Republic

British government and the European Union called to raise the issue with the D.R.

By Haiti Support Group

Submitted to AlterPresse on 1 september 2005

The British solidarity organisation, the Haiti Support Group (HSG), is
extremely concerned about the violent attacks on Haitians and Haitian-Dominican in
the Dominican Republic. Amidst a recent rise in xenophobic hostility against
Haitians, scores of people have been attacked, and according to recent reports,
more than 13 people have been killed in just the last few weeks

Included among these murders are the following:

- The 16th August attack on four young Haitian men in the outskirts of Santo
Domingo. Three of them were gagged, doused with flammable liquid and then set
ablaze, while one managed to escape. The three suffering from burns later died
in the burns unit of a hospital in the capital.

- The 24th August murder of four Haitians who were part of a group of six
trying to re-enter the Dominican Republic after having been deported to Haiti,
their country of origin. They had temporarily taken refuge in banana fields in
the Barahona region, and were chased, captured and killed by guards in the
small hours of the morning.

- A series of murders reported by the Haitian AlterPresse news agency on the
30th August: a foreigner presumed to be a Haitian found murdered in Santiago,
two others found dead following a dispute in Bavaro, and a 29 year-old
Haitian, Bolivar François, found murdered, with his hands tied, in Jarabacoa.

- Also on 30th August, the Haitian NGO, Groupe d’Appui aux Réfugiés et
Rapatriés, reported that Delany Fleury, a 31-year old businessman of Haitian origin,
had been shot three times and died following an arguement with a Dominican in
Elias Pinas.

The Haiti Support Group calls on the Dominican government to immediately
enact measures to ensure the security of Haitian migrants and of Dominicans of
Haitian origin, and to prevent public officials and the media from making
statements or using language that may incite racial hatred.

Furthermore, the HSG urges the British government and the European Union to
raise the issue with the Dominican authorities as a matter of the utmost