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WACC calls to the safe release of the journalist Edner Fils Décime by his kidnappers in Haïti

Press release of the World association of Christian communication – Wacc

Transmitted to AlterPresse

To whom it may concern

As an international non-governmental organisation concerned with press freedom and the right to communicate, WACC wishes to add its voice to the case of Edner Fils Décime, who has been kidnapped and is the subject of a ransom demand.

Edner Fils Décime, a journalist with AlterPresse and AlterRadio, part of the Médiaalternatif group, is still in the hands of his kidnappers, three weeks after he was kidnapped with several other people in Delmas. The media for which he works, AlterPresse/AlterRadio, has launched a campaign on social networks to demand his release.

It is recalled that Edner Fils Décime has carried out important work in difficult Haitian neighbourhoods, particularly in Martissant. "About ten years ago, as a young reporter, Edner Décime was asked, along with other colleagues, to report on disadvantaged areas, including Martissant, Carrefour, Rivière-Froide, Carrefour-Feuilles and Croix-des-Bouquets. With enthusiasm he went there, carrying his notebook, his tape recorder and his photo/video camera. He was so proud to be a budding multimedia journalist, going to meet the excluded people of these areas, and above all giving them a voice to expose their problems, showing the realities of these abandoned neighbourhoods where the presence of the State is only a fiction. His travels in the various outlying areas of the capital resulted in a beautiful series of 25 programmes, entitled Lavi nan katye bò lakay (Life in the neighbourhoods), broadcast at the time on the private stations Radio Kiskeya and Ibo, partners of the Médialternatif Group, as well as on the AlterPresse website. Lavi nan katye bò lakay was conceived in 2014 to advocate for the respect of the right to communication of young people, especially women, living in the metropolitan area."

On behalf of its members around the world, WACC calls on government authorities and all people of goodwill to contribute to the safe release of Edner Fils Décime without further demands, so that he can rejoin his family and resume his essential work as a democratic journalist.

Toronto, Canada
4th August 2022

Philip Lee
General Secretary