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Haiti-Crisis : More than 130 personalities from the diaspora support the Montana Agreement of August 30, 2021

Submitted to AlterPresse on January 18, 2022


December 10, 2021

The Citizens’ Initiative of New-York is a group of conscientious Haitian citizens, who meet regularly to reflect calmly and deeply on the events occurring in our motherland to which we are organically attached. We think on these dire circumstances that threaten to put our country on its knees. The Citizens’ Initiative, as much as many compatriots and Haiti sympathizers in the diaspora, is witnessing Haiti threading at the edge of a precipice dug by corruption, insecurity, rape, theft, assassinations, etc.

We still remember Pope Jean Paul II’s cry of alarm, during his 1983’s short visit in Haiti: Things must change. Today, Representatives of all sectors of the country stand and say that enough is enough: Workers, peasants, entrepreneurs, artists, intellectuals, street and traveling merchants, and all conscientious citizens are uniting to counter this tragic problem in dignity and with patriotism. In this context, we of the Citizens’ Initiative of New York decide to rise up to assist and support the Montana Accord.

What Is The Montana Accord?

The Montana Accord is the result of discussions, debates, efforts of ‘conscientization’, and mobilization throughout the country, outreach to groups of different political tendencies. Way before the assassination of President Jovenel Moise, a team of citizens from the civil society made it their mission to reflect collectively on Haiti’s situation and start this process. From time to time, they would issue a progress report. In August 30th 2021, women and men, from different organizations and points of the land join at the Hotel Montana to give birth formally to the Accord. Quickly thereafter, 900 signatures were collected.

The Montana Accord contains the demands that the people had been voicing since the great uprising of July 6, 7, 8th of July 2018. The Accord stated clearly that Haitians should solve their problems without the interference of other countries. Many foreigners agree and applaud. The Accord declares that a transitional government will be set for 2 years, to give the country time to turn its back on all the past malfeasance. A justice system would be established to redress the theft of the PetroCaribe loan issued by Venezuela and sundry corruption scandals, and collar the authors of the different massacres on the slums, that occurred during the last 3 years. With the required consensus and honesty, a National Council of Transition (Cnt) to choose the next president and prime minister, along with an Organization of control of said transition (Oct) will be built. A road map of sorts will be developed to guide members and sympathizers. A bureau (Bsa) will be created to follow up on all programs and activities to be done.

Let’s Support The Montana Accord

In agreement with the general program and sentiments exposed above, The Citizens Initiative of New York support the Montana Accord. We expect the road to be long and arduous, but, with determination, constancy and responsive leadership, we shall prevail and reach our objectives. Through an election conducted by patriotic Haitians, we can build a Democratic, state- of- law nation for all Haitians, without foreign domination. Without you, this national project will not be achieved.
Please sign this declaration as an expression of your support:

1 Lionel Legros New York New York É.-U.

2 Jean-claude Icart Montréal Canada

3 Charles Desgrottes Spring Valley New York É.-U.

4 Frantz Voltaire Montréal Canada

5 Ginette Peterburs Brooklyn New York É.-U.

6 Maryse Georges Queens New York É.-U.

7 Edouard Arthur Mascouche Canada

8 Lyonel Georges Queens New York É.-U.

9 Michele Montas New York New York É.-U.

10 David Maurice Windsor Canada

11 Chantal Gagne Québec Canada

12 Anne Fuller Vineyard Haven Massachusetts É.-U.

13 Lisa Bishop-Spencer Ottawa Canada

14 Alain Gauthier Longueuil Canada

15 Rita Khattar Beirut Liban

16 Lyonel Beauvais Queens New York É.-U.

17 Rudolph Dupuy Tappan New York É.-U.

18 Dannell PRICE Hollis Hill New York É.-U.

19 Talhe Kad Liban

20 Julien Jumelle Brooklyn New York É.-U.

21 Pierre Desjardins Montréal Canada

22 Lucette Lévesque Ferme-Neuve Canada

23 Roy Blundell La Tuque Canada

24 Rejean Caron Boucherville Canada

25 Hans Roy Cambria Heights New York É.-U.

26 Michelle Karshan Brooklyn New York É.-U.

27 Frantz-Antoine Leconte Elmont New York É.-U.

28 Florence Treboutte France

29 Adolpho Corbanese bklyn New York É.-U.

30 Menes Dejoie Brooklyn New York É.-U.

31 Richard Mathelier Montréal Canada

32 Alain Saint Victor Laval Canada

33 Frankh Année a Laval Canada

34 Robert Berouët-Oriol (linguiste et poète, Montréal) Montréal Canada

35 Luckner Bayas Boston Massachusetts É.-U.

36 Pierre Simon Longueuil (Québec) Canada

37 Frantz Voltaire Montréal Canada

38 Claudine Corbanese Brooklyn New York É.-U.

39 Jan Dominique Montréal Canada

40 Serge Bouchereau Montréal Canada

41 Flore Bimangou Ottawa Canada

42 Jooneed KHAN Montréal Canada

43 Zain Javadd El Yadida Mexique

44 Jean Claude Parfait Laval Canada

45 Bricault Bricault 31 rue de la jarrie 86140 scorbé clairvaux france France

46 Jacqueline Aubert Blois France

47 Pierre Bonin Laval Canada

48 Carline Desire Dorchester Massachusetts É.-U.

49 Joel Augustin Chicago Illinois É.-U.

50 Chantal Ismé Montréal Canada

51 Jean-Pierre Bejin Montréal Canada

52 Abdelouahad Laftoumi Maroc

53 Johnny Celestin New York New York É.-U.

54 Leila Celestin New York New York É.-U.

55 Claudia Serei Saint-jérôme Canada

56 Rachid Bamaarouf Canada

57 Dalia Jabbour Beirut Liban

58 Renée Icart Montréal Canada

59 Will Prosper Montréal Canada

60 Andre Juste Hudson New York É.-U.

61 Pierre Teddy Clermont Union City New Jersey É.-U.

62 Sumeja Lepić Sarajevo Bosnie-Herzégovine

63 Constant Bernard Brooklyn New York É.-U.

64 Claudel Seide Brooklyn New York É.-U.

65 LaRue Branchcomb Yonkers New York É.-U.

66 Zerina Ribo Suisse

67 Adna A Bosnie-Herzégovine

68 NICOLAS ALMONOR Brooklyn New York É.-U.

69 Simon Vallerand Saint-Raymond Canada

70 Caty Tremblay Montreal Canada

71 Michèle Dupont Brooklyn New York É.-U.

72 Ayouba Ibrahim Niger

73 Max Achille Nassau County É.-U.

74 Mustapha Chmali Saint-Constant Canada

75 jean-marie claude east meadow New York É.-U.

76 Weslerd dorsainvil Brooklyn New York É.-U.

77 Frantz Daniel Laval Canada

78 Lyonel Gorneille Port-au-Prince Haïti

79 Badra Mahdjoub Montréal Canada

80 Plamen Dimitrov Gatineau Canada

81 Luciano Berardi Saint-ferréol-les-neiges Canada

82 Annie Bouchard Québec Canada

83 Sébastien Larouche Québec Canada

84 Maude2014 Granby Canada

85 Eva Chen Brossard Canada

86 Sandra Lefrançois St-René-de-Matane Canada

87 Jean-Yves Fischer Volgelsheim France

88 Alaaeldin Alsahli Brossard Canada

89 Vitaler Mercier Repentigny Canada

90 Jovet Aubourg Montréal Canada

91 Anna Lee Laval Canada

92 Samuel Polanco Trois-rivières Canada

93 Jessyca Ménard Gingras Magog Canada

94 Johanne Legendre Montréal Canada

95 Olivia Jean-Mary Montréal Canada

96 sylvia sb Montreal Canada

97 Carole Rochon Lac cayamant Canada

98 Leonrd Lanord Montréal Canada

99 Rosa D’aloe Montreal Canada

100 Lessard Daniel la Beauce Canada

101 Rania Abid Canada

102 Francine Brunet Sainte-adèle Canada

103 Frantz Mardy Montréal Canada

104 Mohammed Sbai El Idrissi Longueuil Canada

105 Stephane Allard Alma Canada

106 Clarens Melv Toronto Canada

107 Barbara Labarre Laval Canada

108 Esau Cruz Montréal Canada

109 Clement Tremblay Sainte-adèle Canada

110 Ronald Brazeau Quyon Canada

111 Stephan Beauli Rimouski Canada


113 Linda Lefevbre Saint-jean-sur-richelieu Canada

114 Virginie Gendron Terrebonne Canada

115 Stéphane Fillion Mexique

116 Mural de Lindor St jean sur Richelieu Canada

117 Jessica Drolet Lasalle Canada

118 Mya-eve Levesque Montréal Canada

119 Melanie Charette Saint-bernard Canada

120 Guylaine Paquet Québec Canada

121 Tanea Cipileaga Laval Canada


123 Matthew Tawil Vaudreuil Canada

124 Sara Miller Saint-eustache Canada

125 Pascal Sterlin Montréal Canada

126 Franceska Thomas Montréal Canada

127 Kevin Marquette Montréal Canada

128 Luc Bertrand Montréal Canada

129 Francis Nadeau Sainte-Julienne Canada

130 Hanan Omar Montréal Canada

131 Mariam Leiyla Laval Canada