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Progressive organisations say No to foreign intervention force

Position of a platform of 30 organisations from the popular democratic sector
in response to the talk of foreign intervention forces deploying in Haiti

Source : AlterPresse - 28 January 2004

Translated from Creole by Charles Arthur for the Haiti Support Group

Between 1789 and 1804 our ancestors made all kinds of sacrifices to beak the
chains of exploitation that the white colonialists had put on them and the
country. The First of January 1804 was a sacred day marking the liberation of the
whole of Haiti. Unfortunately, on two occasions during the last century
(1915-34) and again in 1994, compromised leaders encouraged foreigners to come and
trample on the dignity of our people.

Today, 200 years later, Jean-Bertrand Aristide and dirty rat politicians have
decided to lead the people into the mud once more. We say ’No’, a thousand
times ’No’. The Haitian people are not accepting a third foreign occupation in
any form.

We, the Popular Democratic Group, say Haitian people are drawing a line in
the sand : Jean-Bertrand Aristide, for the second time in less than ten years, is
readying for a foreign occupation to protect his personal power. In the name
of our ancestors, our Group says no country can make another occupation at the
time of the 200th anniversary of independence.

We, the Popular Democratic Group, say ’No’ to another foreign occupation
because during 1915-34 the country was looted, and then in 1994 we got insecurity
and armed bands. We must be clear, if foreign occupation benefits some people,
that is not how we in Haiti have found it on two occasions in less than one

We, the Popular Democratic Group, say ’No’ because it is we Haitians who know
the problems, and it is we Haitians who can resolve them. What we need is for
Aristide to stand down, so that the country can make a new start.

If Caricom and other foreign countries what to help us properly then they
must start by putting Aristide in ’quarantine’, suspend all invitations to him,
withdraw their diplomatic missions, cut off all collaboration, and begin the
process of summoning him to appear before the Caribbean Court of Justice, the
court for the Caribbean region. The Organisation of American States should
arrange to get together with reliable lawyers in Haiti to draw up charges to be put
before the Interamerican Court of Human Rights.

All the international community is saying it is for Aristide to solve the
problems in Haiti. We, the Popular Democratic Group, on the contrary, say they
should realise that it is the valiant men and women of Haiti who are on the road
of resistance to dispense with Aristide, without an occupation, so that Haiti
can be like all other countries on the planet run by responsible people.

Down with Aristide and the whole bloody Lavalas regime.

Down with any form of occupation.

Long live a free people in a grown-up Haiti !

Port-au-Prince, 27 January 2004

For authentication :

Antonal Mortime, RERKA

Carole P.Jacob, KONAP

Organisations and institutions signing :

Antèn Ouvriye (workers’ organisation)

Kay Fanm (women’s organisation)

Tèt Kole Ti peyizan Ayisyen (national peasant movement)

Solidarite Fanm Ayisyen (SOFA) (women’s organisation)

CHANDEL (popular organisation for public education)

UNNOH (national teachers’ union)

KANPAN (Anti-debt and anti-structural adjustment campaign for a national

Regwoupman òganizasyon popilè granmoun yo (popular organisation)

GRAEP (Gwoup Refleksyon ak Animasyon Edikasyon Popilè) (popular organisation
for public education)

Enfo Fanm (women’s organisation)

MUPAC (Mouvman Inite Pèp Okay) (popular organisation)

Fwon Rezistans pou Refòm Inivèsite leta a (student organisation)

BRESTEK (popular organisation)

RAJES (Rasanbleman Jèn pou Avansman Savanèt) (youth organisation)

RERKA (Haitian community radio network)

KONAP (National Coordination of Women’s Organisations)

ACO (Catholic Workers’ Action)

Fanm Yo La (women’s organisation)

RAPL (Rasanbleman Plantè Laskawobas) (peasant organisation)

KPN (Konbit Peyizan Nip) (peasant organisation)

KODENA (Komite Defans Enterè Nasyonal) (popular organisation)

GERDDH (Gwoupman Etidyan pou Respè Demokrasi ak Dwa Moun) (student

KORENIP (Kòdinasyon Rejyon Nip) (popular organisation)

FOPOD (Fòs Popilè Delma) (popular organisation)

PAPDA (Platfòm k ap Plede pou yon Devlopman Altènatif)
non-governmental organisations (NGOs), unions, and peasant organisations)

KOREGA (Kòdinasyon Rezistans Grandans) (popular organisation)

SAKS (Sosyete Animasyon ak Kominikasyon Sosyal) (popular communications NGO)

KFPN (Konbit Fannm Peyizan Nip) (peasant organisation)

FGPB (Federassyon Gwoupman Peyizan Bèlfontèn) (peasant organisation)

N.G. (Nasyon Ginen)