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Haiti-Press : WACC-Caribe concerned by physical integrity of haitian journalists

Press release of World Association for Christian Communication – Caribbean Region

On March 16, 2011

WACC-Caribe wishes to express its deep concern for the threats made to journalist
and Goupe Medialternatif Coordinator Gotson Pierre when he was a member of a
panel on the presidential debate last March 9 organized by the GIAP (Group of
Intervention in Public Affairs, French acronym).

We are well aware of the destruction caused by followers of some parties in Port-au-
Prince and several other cities of the country last December 8 and 9 who among other
acts, harassed journalist Esther Dorestal of Radio-Métropole. And we know about the
repeated calls made by some presidential candidates to their followers in the second
electoral round to impose election results that would favor them.

WACC-Caribe, supported by Global-WACC, is also aware of the recent promises
made by candidate Michel Joseph Martelly to respect press freedom if he wins the
elections, but is deeply worried about the physical integrity of its former president,
journalist Gotson Pierre, considered by the this candidate as an "envoy" which he is
ready to confront making a call to the population to react “to war like in war”.

WACC-Caribe expresses its concern for the respect to the right to communication,
which for journalists implies the right to investigate information and for citizens the right
to be informed about matters that could affect their well-being.

WACC Global (World association for Christian Communication) is an organization of
more than 1500 corporate, personal and affiliate members in 120 countries. WACC
promotes communication for social change and is guided by the understanding that
communication is a basic human right which defines our common humanity as
peoples of the world, strengthens cultures, favors participation, creates community,
and challenges tyranny and oppression.

Ary Régis (HAITI)

Cándida Gonzales Lopez (PORTO-RICO)