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Threats made against WACC member and project partner in Haiti

Haiti-Press : WACC calls on the Haitian authorities to protect freedom of expression in Haiti

Note from Word Association for Christian Communication (WACC)

Toronto, Canada, 14 Mar 2011

Alarming threats made against journalist Gotson Pierre and freedom of expression.

The online news agency Alterpress has been threatened in the person of its director Gotson Pierre, WACC has learnt in a communiqué from another regional partner, Espacinsular in the Dominican Republic.

AlterPresse is a leading member of Groupe Médialternatif, both working for greater democracy, transparency, and accountability in Haiti. Following the earthquake disaster last year, both groups pledged support for grassroots communication and rebuilding community communications.

[…] A presidential candidate has issued threats against [Gotson Pierre], which is not only unethical and undemocratic, it is an infringement of journalistic freedom and human rights.

WACC calls on the Haitian authorities to protect freedom of expression in Haiti. It joins Espaninsular in asking the International Federation of Journalists and Reporters Sans Frontières to intervene in defence of freedom of expression and to protect the life and well-being of one of Haiti’s courageous journalists.

Philip Lee, WACC Deputy Director of Programs

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