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Haiti - Election : The bill

Posted on Saturday 4 February 2006

Parts of a UNDP document
Submitted to AlterPresse on February 2, 2006
The international community, through the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) has contributed US$59,026,754 in support of the electoral process in Haiti. The funds come respectively from the Haitian government (US$2,900,000), Canada (US$16,160,183), the European Union (US$20,481,389), the United States of America (US$17,194,424), Brazil (US$1,000,000) and Japan (US$890,757). UNDP has also directly contributed (US$400,000).
UNDP, which receives and administers financial contributions from those supporting (...)

Haiti : Election campaigning continues in Ouanaminthe under the shadow of violence

Posted on Friday 3 February 2006

Originally: Fiesta electoral en Wanament pero con violencia - www.espacinsular.org Translated from Spanish by Charles Arthur for the Haiti Support Group - www.haitisupport.gn.apc.org
Published by AlterPresse on February 3, 2006
Ouanaminthe, 3 February 2006 - The town of Ouanaminthe is experiencing something of a party atmosphere as presidential candidates visit as part of their election campaigns, but, all the while, there is a threat of violence.
Yesterday, groups of armed supporters of Charles Henri Baker, the candidate backed by Chavannes Jean-Baptiste’s KONBA party, clashed with (...)

Haiti’s Public Schools

Posted on Monday 30 January 2006

By Ericq Pierre
Submitted to AlterPresse on January 27, 2006
Of the hundreds of public schools in Haiti, a dozen or so bear names of the region’s countries, mainly in Port-au-Prince. There are schools named after Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, the United States of America, Uruguay, and Venezuela.
In 2003 I approached some of my fellow members of the IDB’s Board of Executive Directors to explore whether their governments could contribute to these schools. They all welcomed the initiative. I was (...)

Caribbean Guyana Institute for Democracy condemns termination of Haitian Judges

Posted on Friday 23 December 2005

Press Release of Caribbean Guyana Institute for Democracy (CGID)
Submitted to AlterPresse on December 20, 2005
The Caribbean Guyana Institute for Democracy (CGID) has strongly condemned the decision by the current interim government of Haiti to terminate the services of five Supreme Court Judges. Interim Prime Minister Gerard Latortue and President Boniface Alexandre’s fire the Judges because they ruled against the government and ordered that Haitian-born US millionaire, Dumarsais Simeus, be allowed to contest the January presidential elections. Prime Minister Latortue has been quoted as (...)

Haitians and the “Citadel Syndrome”

Posted on Thursday 15 December 2005

By Ericq Pierre
Submitted to AlterPresse on September 13, 2005
It is rare these days to hear anyone say something positive about Haiti or about Haitians. The terms that were once applied to our people - courageous, honest, hard-working - seem to no longer come to mind. This negative perception started with the mistreatment that our people, of whatever class, have suffered in their own country for more than half a century, and that has driven many of them to seek refuge abroad. While they may be better-off there, their success is mixed with frustration.
That perception continued with (...)

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