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WACC : “No human rights without communication rights”

Posted on Monday 10 December 2007

Declaration of WACC
Obtained by AlterPresse on 10 December 2007
On Human Rights Day 2007 the World Association for Christian Communication (WACC) calls for global recognition of communication rights.
Human rights are not just a matter of civil and political rights, but include economic, social and cultural rights. According to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR), they affirm ‘the dignity and worth of the human person’ and ‘the equal rights of men and women’. Implementation of human rights demands recognition of communication rights – those rights that empower individuals and (...)

Haiti/Aids accusation : « Another hurricane »

Posted on Thursday 1 November 2007

Open letter to Michael Worobey, PhD
By Joseph Marcel-Saint-Louis DeMertine, M.D.
Submitted to AlterPresse on November 1, 2007
November 1, 2007
Michael Worobey, PhD Assistant Professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology The University of Arizona 310 Bio Sciences West 1041 East Lowell Street Tucson, AZ 85721
Dear Professor Worobey :
I was rather shocked to hear about your conclusions regarding the origin and trajectory of the HIV/AIDS virus on NPR (National Public Radio). I felt it like a personal attack, another hurricane, although you probalby didn’t mean it to be so. I (...)

A roadmap for a coordinated and integrated approach for the Caribbean islands

Posted on vendredi 24 août 2007

By Jean H Charles
Submitted to AlterPresse on August 21, 2007
I have visited Trinidad and Tobago some twenty years ago during Carnival season ; I was rather impressed with the sensitivity of the people towards each other, even at the peak of the folly of the debauchery, I saw one person fell down and the whole crowd was around to protect the injured party. To me it was unusual, because I have attended the Carnival in Rio, in Salvador de Bahia and in Port au Prince Haiti, that injured party would have been robbed of his possession in Rio, crushed by the crowd in Bahia and (...)

Haiti-USA-Music : The resurrection of the creole hip-hop movement

Posted on mercredi 8 août 2007

The resurrection of the creole hip-hop movement
By KD Murrain
Submitted to AlterPresse on August 4, 2007
For the past 25 years Creole Hip-Hop has been in existence with the first rap song in Haitian Creole hitting the Haitian community by Master DJi, dubbed the “Pioneer of the Creole Hip-Hop Movement” and marking what would inevitably be an arduous road into integrating American Hip-Hop with that of Creole. One of the most prophetic lines in history that stays with us today came from poet Robert Frost’s, The Road Not Taken – “Two roads diverged in a wood, and I — I took the one less (...)

Haiti and CARICOM’s 20/20 Vision

Posted on Thursday 19 July 2007

By Ericq Pierre
Submitted to AlterPresse on 18 July 2007
It is rather unfortunate that the recent Conference on the Caribbean held 19-21 June 2007 in Washington D.C. seems not to have elicited much interest in Haiti. Some of the press commentary even described it as a useless endeavor, or even a total failure. The reason may be that the conference was wrongly perceived as a United States/CARICOM summit, although it appears to have been held in Washington D.C. merely for logistical reasons.
The press’s disenchantment may also stem from the fact that the U.S. government’s representative at (...)

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