Haitians and Obama

Posted on Tuesday 10 February 2009

by Ericq Pierre
Submitted to AlterPresse on February 10, 2009 (What the first Black President of the United States should know about the world’s first independent Black republic.)
Twelve noon, January 20, 2009! Barack Hussein Obama takes the oath of office as the 44th President of the United States of America. Never before has a U.S. president’s ascension been greeted with such joy and fervor. Some even talk of euphoria on a global scale. From America to Europe, from Africa to Asia, joyful crowds hail Obama’s election as an Event with a capital E. Many say it is the best news they have (...)

Haiti-World Bank : Zoellick ‘misled’ storm-struck Haitians over debt cancellation

Posted on Friday 31 October 2008

Call for World Bank chief to explain claim that $500m Haitian debt already cancelled – weeks after relief delayed by six months
By Center for Economic and Policy Research, Haiti Advocacy Platform Ireland-UK, Haiti Support Group, Institute for Justice & Democracy in Haiti, Jubilee Debt Campaign UK, Jubilee USA Network, Partners in Health
Submitted to AlterPresse on 31 October 2008
Haitian and international civil society groups have today written to World Bank President Robert Zoellick asking him to clarify ‘misleading’ remarks about debt cancellation made on a visit to storm-ravaged (...)

Haiti: How can the media contribute to peace?

Posted on Tuesday 14 October 2008

P-au-P., 14 Oct. 08 [AlterPresse] --- In Haiti, today, it is no longer a question of informing or communicating in a context of civil or military dictatorship, of armed confrontation or open conflict. Instead, a situation of peace reigns, made fragile by dithering on the political calendar, institutional weaknesses, insecurity, impunity and mass poverty.
Since 2006 Haiti has entered into a period of peace, or at least of minor turbulence, following the last presidential elections which enabled René Préval to come back to power. During those two years, despite the persistence of huge (...)

Haiti/EPA : Haitian social organizations welcome the refusal of Haiti to sign the EPA

Posted on Tuesday 30 September 2008

Position of Haitian social and popular organizations following the outcome of the Fourteenth Meeting of CARIFORUM Heads of State and Government on the EPA
Translated from French by Charles Arthur for the Haiti Support Group
Transmitted to AlterPresse on September 29, 2008
The letter below was sent to the President of the Republic of Haiti, His Excellency René Préval, after Haiti and Guyana declined to sign the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) document at the XIV Meeting of CARIFORUM Heads of State held in Barbados on 10 September. The Haitian organisations signing this letter (...)

Haiti-Prime Minister : RNDDH reminds Parliament that they are not in their positions to violate human rights

Posted on Saturday 19 July 2008

Statement by RNDDH Executive Director Pierre Esperance, July 10, 2008
Transmitted to AlterPresse on July 15, 2008
RNDDH, an organization that promotes and defends human rights, recognizes the liberty each person has to choose their sexual orientation or the sexuality they desire according to the corresponding principles of human rights. These principles primarily include the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the International Pact for Civil and Political Rights.
RNDDH notes that there are numerous forms of sexuality, but one that is dominant. This reality does not grant (...)

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