Haiti- Earthquake : Caribbean Catastrophe Risk Insurance Facility ready for Haiti payout

Posted on Monday 18 January 2010

CCRIF’s press release
Submitted to AlterPresse on January 13, 2010
The Caribbean Catastrophe Risk Insurance Facility (CCRIF) is preparing to make a payout to the Government of Haiti as a result of the Magnitude 7.0 earthquake which struck close to Port-au-Prince, Haiti yesterday (January 12). Haiti has an earthquake policy with CCRIF as part of the country’s disaster risk management strategy. The recent earthquake was of sufficient magnitude to trigger the full policy limit for the earthquake coverage, effecting payment after a 14-day waiting period. Based on calculations from the (...)

Haiti-USA : Michèle Pierre-Louis selected as Resident Fellow of Harvard’s Institute of Politics

Posted on Tuesday 12 January 2010

Harvard’s Institute of Politics press release
Submitted to AlterPresse on January 12, 2010
Harvard’s Institute of Politics, located at the John F. Kennedy School of Government, today announced the selection of an experienced group of individuals for Resident Fellowships this spring. Over the course of an academic semester, Resident Fellows interact with students, participate in the intellectual life of the Harvard community and lead weekly study groups on a range of topics.
“This Fellows class represents every kind of public service at every level in our world today. Our students are (...)

Caribbean-Media : Regional journalists create a Caribbean information bureau

Posted on Monday 7 December 2009

Press release
Submitted to AlterPresse on December 7, 2009
Coming out of a conference on the topic, “The Media - Tool of Integration and Development in the Caribbean” organized on December 4, 2009 in Lamentin, Guadeloupe, by the weekly magazine, Nouvelles Etencielles, (News Sparks) of the Guadeloupe Communist Party (PCG), which is celebrating its 65th anniversary, a number of journalists coming from several Caribbean countries have decided to create a Caribbean Information Bureau.
This structure, the first of its kind in this part of the world, has as its mission to develop the (...)

Haiti : A few notes on the dismissal of Prime Minister Michèle Pierre-Louis

Posted on Tuesday 3 November 2009

By Michael Deibert *
Submitted to AlterPresse on November 3, 2009
It was said that during the reign of Jean-Jacques Dessalines - liberation icon, military dictator and “emperor” who ruled Haiti from 1804 until 1806 - a certain level of corruption was tolerated and dismissed with the phrase plumez la poule, mais ne la faites pas crier. Pluck the chicken, but make sure it doesn’t squawk. That tradition of corruption has been a woeful constant in Haiti’s political life since Dessalines was assassinated over 200 years ago.
Another chapter in the disregard for honesty and transparency (...)

Challenges to Haiti’s Security Gains

Posted on Saturday 10 October 2009

By Michael Deibert *
Presented to the Applied Research Center and the Latin American and Caribbean Center at Florida International University in Miami, Florida, August 2009
Submitted to AlterPresse on 10 October 2009
At present, Haiti is passing through a delicate and significant period, one which, while giving hints of hope, also provides ample grounds for caution.
Though there have been significant and laudable improvements in the country’s security situation under the mandate of Haitian President René Préval, inaugurated in May 2006, these gains remain fragile and Haiti’s (...)

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