Haiti-Earthquake : Human rights concerns

Posted on vendredi 26 février 2010

Human Rights Watch’s press release (February 25, 2010)
Published by AlterPresse on February 26, 2010
The earthquake in Haiti has created a humanitarian disaster of immense complexity that brought a massive humanitarian response. However, integrating human rights concerns into the relief operations is essential to protecting the well-being of Haitian victims, especially women, children, and other vulnerable groups.
The vast majority of settlements sheltering earthquake victims have zero security, Human Rights Watch learned while visiting 15 camps in Port au Prince and Jacmel. Even (...)

Haiti-Earthquakes : Probability of 80 percent for an earthquake of magnitude 5 or greater in the next 90 days

Posted on Wednesday 24 February 2010

USGS Updates Assessment of Earthquake Hazard and Safety in Haiti and the Caribbean / Released: 2/23/2010
Published by AlterPresse on February 24, 2010
The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) issued an update to its Jan. 21, 2010, statement, which includes the aftershock probabilities for the next 30-to-90-day period and for the overall year.
U.S. Geological Survey Director Marcia McNutt asked the team of USGS earthquake scientists to continue to provide an evaluation of the earthquakes facing Haiti now and in the future. Here is the updated statement in its entirety from the USGS:
This (...)

Haiti-Earthquake : More than a month after

Posted on dimanche 21 février 2010

Situation Report on Haiti by Pan American Health Organization
Published by AlterPresse on February 21, 2010
* More than a month after the earthquake, over 300,000 people are suffering from injuries, but there have been no confirmed outbreaks of diseases.
* Health assessments undertaken so far have revealed that 29 hospitals and other health facilities have been partially damaged or destroyed. With the rainy season approaching, mobile clinics are crucial in order to serve those displaced.
* The humanitarian situation is also gradually improving on a daily basis. Some of the (...)

Haiti- Earthquake : A human economic seism has been shaking haiti particularly since the Duvaliers

Posted on lundi 1er février 2010

By Franck Laraque*
Submit to AlterPresse on 01 February 2010
What lessons can be drawn from the apocalyptic earthquake that destroyed Port-au-Prince and other places, leaving hundreds of thousands of people dead, crippled, homeless, traumatized, and desperate ; and whose photos leave us crying and powerless ?
First, the resilience and solidarity among the masses themselves in trying to rescue, with their bare hands, those agonizing under the heavy rubble ; in carrying the wounded and comforting the discouraged. They remind us of the barefoot soldiers, our unsung heroes who, at the (...)

Haiti-Earthquake: A wake-up call

Posted on Saturday 23 January 2010

By Alex Dupuy *
Transmitted to AlterPresse on January 21, 2010
Long before the powerful 7.0 magnitude earthquake (and several aftershocks) struck Haiti on January 12 and leveled the metropolitan capital city of Port-au-Prince and surrounding areas, that city was already a disaster waiting to happen. With a population of more than 2 million in a city whose infrastructure could at best sustain a population of 100,000, the local and national public administrations simply abandoned the city to itself. Neither provided meaningful services of any kind—schools, healthcare, electricity, (...)

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