Haiti-Elections : Analyzing the work of the Expert Mission

Posted on Sunday 16 January 2011

By James Morrell
Submitted to AlterPresse on January 14, 2010
Many have noticed that the finding of the experts’ mission in favor of Martelly rests on a razor-thin margin of 3,225 votes out of the 1.1 million received by all candidates, or 0.3 percent. Making the conclusion even more precarious, an analysis of the 17,220 votes for Célestin that the experts disallowed shows at most 12,316 to be related to the issue of excessive votes for one candidate, leaving the other 4,904 resting on various technical issues. If, by some vicissitude, these technical exclusions were overturned for (...)

Haiti : Reflections in a time of crisis

Posted on Sunday 16 January 2011

Par Jean-Claude Dutès *
Submitted to AlterPresse on January 11, 2011
“Celui qui oublie s’égare et se perd à jamais dans le labyrinthe de son propre passé, retraçant toujours les chemins déjà parcourus.”
We ignore the warning after the earthquake ravaged Cap Haïtien in 1842. We did not heed the message after floods nearly destroyed Gonaives in May 2005. And we misunderstood the urgency after Mapou was inundated by floods in October 1954 and buried in mud in June 2004.
Perhaps, now, more than ever is a time for self examination, a time to ask questions, as we seek to understand our (...)

Haiti : 12 January 2011 and Us

Posted on Thursday 6 January 2011

By Ericq Pierre *
Submitted to AlterPresse on 5 January 2011
The anniversary of the earthquake is in one week, on January 12. Never before had Haiti seen so many victims from a single catastrophe in so short a time. Never had Haitians experienced such solidarity, nor received so much attention from abroad and from the international community. So much attention that they never had time to mourn their dead as befitted, with a few rare exceptions. We did not fittingly mourn our dead, because they were too numerous. Because many were still buried in rubble. Because too many people were (...)

Haiti-Elections: Send this mission packing

Posted on Wednesday 5 January 2011

By James Morrell *
Submitted to AlterPresse
The electoral crisis that has now prompted the U.S. and Canadian governments to send a team of six outside experts to conduct a recount sharply underlines the failure of the OAS-Caricom mission to carry out the most rudimentary verification tasks that are inseparable from the nature of an electoral-observation mission. Specifically, while claiming it was present and "closely monitoring" operations at the Tabulation Center, the OAS mission utterly failed to detect the classification as countable of over fourteen thousand evidently fraudulent (...)

Haiti-Cholera : The current outbreak in Haiti is most similar to cholera strains found in South Asia

Posted on Tuesday 2 November 2010

Press release of the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
Republished by AlterPresse
PORT-AU-PRINCE, HAITI — The Haitian Ministry of Public Health and Population has received the results of laboratory testing showing that the cholera strain linked to the current outbreak in Haiti is most similar to cholera strains found in South Asia. More information about this strain, including the possibility that it might be found in other regions of the world, is anticipated from additional studies. The findings were reported as part of laboratory collaboration between the (...)

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