Association of Caribbean Media Workers elects new leadership

Posted on Tuesday 8 November 2005

Trinidadian broadcaster, Dale Enoch, was elected the new President of the Association of Caribbean Media Workers (ACM) at the organization’s Third Biennial General Meeting in Bridgetown, Barbados, on November 4.
Enoch is the former President of the Media Association of Trinidad and Tobago (MATT), and a broadcast journalist and head of the News and Current affairs department at Trinidad’s independent radio station, i95.5FM.
Enoch was elected unopposed by journalists and representatives of media organizations from Antigua and Barbuda, Barbados, Dominica, Grenada, Guyana, Haiti, (...)

Haitians and Dual Nationality

Posted on Thursday 20 October 2005

By Ericq Pierre
Submitted to AlterPresse on October 19, 2005
The candidacy of Dumarsais Siméus, which received much media attention, has brought the issue of dual nationality in Haiti to the fore. From the second half of the 20th century onward, tens of thousands of Haitians have adopted a foreign nationality for reasons ranging from political, economic, and professional to simply for personal convenience.
Over the same period, tens of thousands of others who have lived or are still living in foreign lands have not adopted another nationality. This second category generally, but not (...)

Haiti, the struggle continues

Posted on Friday 7 October 2005

By Pierre Beaudet
Published by Znet on October 02, 2005
Posted by AlterPresse on October 07, 2005 There has been considerable debate on the left in North America about the current situation in Haiti. As part of this debate, there have been accusations that those of us critical of Aristide have somehow sold out to the forces of evil. The situation in Haiti is dire and deserves a serious debate rather than accusations and counter accusations.
Some of these accusations have been directed against Alternatives.
Over the years, Alternatives, a Montreal-based solidarity movement, has (...)

Caribbean leaders call for inclusive elections in Haiti

Posted on Wednesday 5 October 2005

Owen Arthur, the Prime Minister of Barbados, has told a town meeting in New York that Haiti will only be re-admitted to the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) if it holds elections with a high voter participation.
CARICOM governments have refused to recognize the Alexandre/Latortue administration, and Haiti has been suspended from the various councils of CARICOM since March 2004. That decision was taken because, as Arthur said, "We do not agree (with) the way Mr. Aristide was removed from office."
Although some regional governments had indicated a willingness to re-admit Haiti once (...)

Venezuela to include Haiti in PetroCaribe deal

Posted on Tuesday 4 October 2005

During his weekly radio and television shows broadcast on 2 October, Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez offered to include Haiti in his PetroCaribe initiative to provide Caribbean nations with oil and petrol.
Eleven Caribbean countries have already agreed to be supplied with fuel on low interest terms and with deferred payment, but the interim government in Haiti has so far not shown any interest in joining them.
At the end of September 2005, the government of Gerard Latortue announced it would initiate diplomatic steps through the Haitian ministry of industry and commerce in order to (...)

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