Trinidad : Soca stars to raise $ 1 m for warriors

Posted on Friday 18 November 2005

By Exilus Deceyon
For AlterPresse
The soca fraternity will come together next Saturday to raise $1 million for the Warriors. On Wednesday history was created as the T&T team qualified for the Fifa World Cup finals for the first time after a Dennis Lawrence header earned Leo Beenhakker’s men a famous 1-0 victory in Bahrain.
The show, which is being dubbed the biggest soca event ever, will be put on by Randy Glasgow Productions and Neil “Iwer” George.
“It’s a gift from the soca fraternity to all the players,” Glasgow said in an interview yesterday.
The promoter said the idea came to him (...)

Soccer: Caribbean team makes it to Germany in 2006

Posted on Thursday 17 November 2005

Trinidad and Tobago beat Bahrain to qualify for World Cup Finals for first time
The government of Trinidad and Tobago has declared a national holiday, after the national team beat Bahrain 1-0 to qualify for the finals of the World Cup for the first time ever. Instead of going to work, the government called on citizens to go to the airport to welcome the triumphant team home
There was dancing in the streets of Trinidad and Tobago after the team qualified for the 2006 World Cup in Germany. In the capital, Port of Spain, people waved national flags and danced alongside steel-band and (...)

Soccer: Trinidad and Tobago need a win to make World Cup Finals

Posted on Tuesday 15 November 2005

By Charles Arthur
Following Saturday’s 1-1 draw against Bahrain in Port-of-Spain, the Trinidad and Tobago national team travel to Bahrain knowing that nothing less than a win in the return game on Wednesday will suffice.
Head coach, Leo Beenhakker, acknowledged his team had not played well but said all is not lost. "One side of me says it’s a little bit disappointing and on the other hand I can live with the draw simply because I know we didn’t play very well," said the former Ajax and Real Madrid coach.
Team captain, the former Manchester United star, Dwight Yorke, who now plays in (...)

Haiti - Elections : Crystal balls don’t lie

Posted on Saturday 12 November 2005

By Daniel Simidor
Submitted to AlterPresse on november 11, 2005
As I peer into my crystal ball to spy what mad new games the mad, mad, men are playing with our future, a Preval-Simeus-Bazin tandem jumps suddenly into focus, with Aristide and his nemesis in Washington both discretely approving or shouting praise.
How is that possible? What will the Constitution say? I distinctly see a silent Preval (with nothing to say) resuming his drunken presidency, while Simeus swaps passports with Latortue, singing sweetly “I’ll never renounce thee” to an eagle hovering above, and Bazin (...)

Iraq War claims Caribbean lives

Posted on Wednesday 9 November 2005

by Charles Arthur
The news that over 2,000 U.S. soldiers have been killed during the Iraq War has been noted with shock and anguish in the United States. The fact that an unknown number of those dead were originally from the Caribbean has attracted less scrutiny.
The exact number of Caribbean immigrants in Iraq fighting in either the U.S. or British military units remains unclear, but officials speculate the number could be as high as several hundred. Although many of them were either born in the United States or had become naturalized citizens before being shipped out to the (...)

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