Trinidad : Boy who faked own kidnapping to know fate Monday

Posted on Wednesday 14 December 2005

By Exilus Deceyon
Port of Spain, 14 Dec. 05 [AlterPresse] --- Outraged and incensed at the absurdity of the act, a magistrate Reynold Waldropt yesterday deferred the sentencing of 14-year-old Lyndon Gooding, who faked his own kidnapping last week.
“If you were a big man you would have already been in prison,” Waldropt told him. Gooding had pleaded guilty to the charge of the wasteful employment of police time on Monday.
Waldropt condemned the act, as it had traumatised Gooding’s mother as well the nation. Waldropt ordered a probation officer’s report, as well as a medical history of the (...)

New report provides details on Caribbean immigrants in the United States

Posted on Wednesday 14 December 2005

By Charles Arthur
A new study published by the Washington-based Centre for Immigration Studies (CIS) has revealed that 6% of the 7.9 million immigrants who have moved to the United States in the last five years are from the Caribbean. Between 2000 and 2005, 467,000 Caribbean immigrants went to the United States.
Cuba accounted for the most immigrants with a total of 128,000. The Dominican Republic followed closely with 121,000, while Haiti and Jamaica followed with 91,000 and 62,000 respectively.
The report estimates that between 3.6 and 3.8 million, or almost half, of the 7.9 million (...)

Haiti : 2006 and us

Posted on Tuesday 13 December 2005

By Ericq Pierre
Submitted to AlterPresse on December 8, 2005
2006 will begin with the organization of elections at all levels. That is good news. But, because these elections have already been postponed several times, no one can predict the quality of the outcome. That news is not quite as good. Of course, like a meal whose preparation has been interrupted several times, the final product runs the risk of being insipid or even unappetizing. But, where there is hunger (and I think we are all famished), one cannot be too picky. We should therefore get ready to eat what we will be served. (...)

Port of Port Of Spain impasse could become matter of national security

Posted on Monday 12 December 2005

By Exilus Deceyon
Port-of Spain, Dec. 12 th [AlterPresse] --- Trinidad and Tobago Government will treat the hauliers impasse as a national security matter, if it is not settled by today December 12 th 2005, Minister of Works and Transport Colm Imbert said on December 10 th.
Imbert affirmed he has spoken with Attorney General John Jeremie on the matter and has been advised that options were available to Government, including taking “national security steps to end what is essentially a blockade of the Port of Port-of-Spain.”
“I have spoken to the Attorney General and we are putting (...)

Haiti’s elections: Will the peasantry’s demands be taken into account?

Posted on Wednesday 7 December 2005

By Djems Olivier
Translated from French for the Haiti Support Group by Charles Arthur
Port-au-Prince, 07 Dec. 05 [AlterPresse] --- Candidates for the presidency largely ignored an invitation to meet peasants grouped in the Peasant Platform for Food Security in the North-West (PPSANO) held in the capital on 30 November.
"We invited 31 political parties and presidential candidates but the majority of them were conspicuous by their absence. This very clearly shows that they are not going to take into account the peasants’ concerns," remarked Ernia Massillon of the Regional Platform of (...)

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