Trinidad : New trend in kidnappings

Posted on Sunday 25 December 2005

By Exilus Deceyon
Port of Spain, 25 Dec. 05 [AlterPresse] --- Acting Deputy Police Commissioner Oswyn Allard, whose portfolio includes bringing kidnappers to heel, has stressed that he is just as upset as the national community that criminals continue to strike and make ransom demands on victims’ families.
Allard, who is in charge of Crime and Operations, also attached a level of blame to the media for not giving the Anti-Kidnapping Squad (AKS), which is under his command, its just due for work accomplished.
For the festive Christmas season, he urged nationals to be vigilant and (...)

Caribbean Guyana Institute for Democracy condemns termination of Haitian Judges

Posted on Friday 23 December 2005

Press Release of Caribbean Guyana Institute for Democracy (CGID)
Submitted to AlterPresse on December 20, 2005
The Caribbean Guyana Institute for Democracy (CGID) has strongly condemned the decision by the current interim government of Haiti to terminate the services of five Supreme Court Judges. Interim Prime Minister Gerard Latortue and President Boniface Alexandre’s fire the Judges because they ruled against the government and ordered that Haitian-born US millionaire, Dumarsais Simeus, be allowed to contest the January presidential elections. Prime Minister Latortue has been quoted as (...)

Trinidad : Special Reserve Police officers refuse to sign contracts

Posted on Friday 23 December 2005

By Exilus Deceyon
Port of Spain, 23 Dec. 05 [AlterPresse] --- Special Reserve Police officers yesterday refused to sign a retroactive contract presented to them by Commissioner of Police Trevor Paul.
The group of 450 officers met with senior officials at the old police headquarters, Port-of-Spain, where they were carded to sign the contracts.
Instead, they protested the seniors’ decision not to allow the SRPs’ representative, attorney Subhas Panday, to examine the contracts first.
In a phone interview yesterday, Panday accused the commissioner and the Government of trying to take (...)

Trini woman jailed in US for drug trafficking

Posted on Wednesday 21 December 2005

By Exilus Deceyon
Port of Spain, December 21st, 2005 [AlterPresse] --- A Trinidadian woman has been jailed for 70 months by a federal judge in Florida for drug trafficking, the agency in AlterPresse line learned.
Indaryartee Dwarika, 46, was sentenced to 70 months (five years, ten months) imprisonment by judge James Cohn at the Fort Lauderdale, Broward District Court, after she pleaded guilty to attempting to import 150 kilogrammes cocaine on December 2, 2001.
Dwarika was extradited from Trinidad on June 20, which she agreed to, more than two years after the warrant for her arrest was (...)

Trinidad : $15b T&T railway to start by 2007

Posted on Tuesday 20 December 2005

Port of Spain 20 Dec. 05 [AlterPresse] --- Construction of a $15-billion railway system for T&T will not begin until early 2007, says Works and Transport Minister Colm Imbert.
In an exclusive interview, Imbert disclosed that the Government was still to decide on the kind of system.
“There is no decision or commitment on a fixed design at this point, and that will determine whether it is a monorail, light rail or heavy rail,” Imbert had said last week.
“I have been working with the consultants to fast-track the implementation of the railway system.
“We have made a number of decisions (...)

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