Haiti - Elections : “How the international community can best help ?”

Posted on Wednesday 8 February 2006

By Charles Arthur
London, 8 Feb. 06 [AlterPresse] --- In a new briefing paper entitled, "Hope against the odds - What elections promise for Haiti", the British development organisation, Christian Aid, has made a number of recommendations on how the international community can best help Haiti move forward.
With regard to the election process that began yesterday (February 7, 2006) with the first round voting for the Presidency and the Parliament, Christian Aid says the international community, including the United Kingdom (UK), must be alert to the destabilising tactics of certain (...)

Haiti Support Group hopes that fears of election-day violence will prove to be unfounded

Posted on Monday 6 February 2006

Haiti Support Group press release
Transmitted to AlterPresse on 6 February 2006
In common with many others concerned with the elections to be held in Haiti on Tuesday, 7th February 2006, the British solidarity organisation, the Haiti Support Group hopes that fears of election-day violence will prove to be unfounded.
We note the words of Helen Spraos, Christian Aid’s country representative, who said: "All it will take is for a few people to start shooting into the air in certain places, and people will not risk coming out to vote."
Yolette Etienne, Oxfam’s Country Programme Manager for (...)

Haiti - Election : The bill

Posted on Saturday 4 February 2006

Parts of a UNDP document
Submitted to AlterPresse on February 2, 2006
The international community, through the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) has contributed US$59,026,754 in support of the electoral process in Haiti. The funds come respectively from the Haitian government (US$2,900,000), Canada (US$16,160,183), the European Union (US$20,481,389), the United States of America (US$17,194,424), Brazil (US$1,000,000) and Japan (US$890,757). UNDP has also directly contributed (US$400,000).
UNDP, which receives and administers financial contributions from those supporting (...)

Murder in the Caribbean - how does Haiti compare?

Posted on Friday 3 February 2006

By Charles Arthur for ’Eye on the Caribbean’, an AlterPresse service in conjunction with the Haiti Support Group Most countries keep statistics of how many murders (or homicides) take place on their territory, and many publish a total at the end of each calendar year. In Haiti, such statistics are hard to come by. Neither the police nor the judicial authorities have much of a presence in the rural areas of the country, where two-thirds of the population live, and even in provincial towns, if the authorities or local human rights organizations are keeping records, the results are not (...)

Haiti : Election campaigning continues in Ouanaminthe under the shadow of violence

Posted on Friday 3 February 2006

Originally: Fiesta electoral en Wanament pero con violencia - www.espacinsular.org Translated from Spanish by Charles Arthur for the Haiti Support Group - www.haitisupport.gn.apc.org
Published by AlterPresse on February 3, 2006
Ouanaminthe, 3 February 2006 - The town of Ouanaminthe is experiencing something of a party atmosphere as presidential candidates visit as part of their election campaigns, but, all the while, there is a threat of violence.
Yesterday, groups of armed supporters of Charles Henri Baker, the candidate backed by Chavannes Jean-Baptiste’s KONBA party, clashed with (...)

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