Haiti in the 2005 World Press Freedom Review

Posted on Thursday 30 March 2006

The Haiti chapter in the 2005 World Press Freedom Review from International Press Institute
By Charles Arthur
Published by AlterPresse on March 30, 2006
The repercussions of the armed revolt and collapse of the Lavalas Family party government in early 2004 continued to be felt, as armed groups, many of them with political affiliations, challenged the authority of the interim government and frequently clashed with the national police force and troops of the United Nations Stabilization Mission in Haiti (MINUSTAH). Throughout the year, the sprawling slum areas of the capital city, (...)

Haiti: Petrol prices up again

Posted on Thursday 30 March 2006

March 30, 2006 P-au-P, [AlterPresse] --- Petrol (91 and 95 octane fuel) have gone up in price by more than 10%, according to consumers in the capital, Port-au-Prince.
From 159 gourdes last week, 91 octane fuel is now 179 gourdes per gallon, while 95 octane fuel increased yesterday from 165 gourdes to 184 gourdes per gallon (US$1.00 = approximately 45 gourdes).
The prices of diesel (used by the majority of public transport vehicles) and of kerosene (used for domestic lighting in the majority of the country’s households) did not change, remaining respectively 109 and 110 gourdes per (...)

Trinidad : United States government files more charges in airport scandal

Posted on Wednesday 29 March 2006

Port of Spain, 29 march 05 [AlterPresse] --- The United States government has filed further criminal charges against Steve Ferguson, Ishwar Galbaransingh and others, alleging they defrauded the T&T Government of more than $150 million from just two packages in the Piarco Airport development project.
The money allegedly represented the earnings from overpriced contracts which, it is claimed, was won by fraud, political influence and gerrymandering of bids. The indictment was filed last Thursday in the US.
According the United States grand jury, in a web of corruption, it was (...)

Trinidad : A former prime minister before Chief Magistrate to testify today

Posted on Friday 24 March 2006

By Exilus Deceyon
Port of Spain, 24 March 06 [AlterPresse] --- Claims of political vendettas against former prime minister Basdeo Panday were levelled against the Director of Public Prosecutions and the Integrity Commission.
British Queen’s Counsel Allan Newman, who leads Panday’s defence, made the assertion yesterday, as he completed his arguments for a stay of the magisterial proceedings against his client.
Panday is claiming that the trial against him is an abuse of the court’s process and an affront to Sections 4 (b) and 4 (d) of the Constitution.
The UNC leader is before Chief (...)

Trinidad : No race, politics in housing plan, said Prime Minister

Posted on Wednesday 22 March 2006

Port of Spain 22 march 06 [AlterPresse] --- Prime Minister Patrick Manning said yesterday that the Government’s housing policy has nothing to do with race and politics. Instead, he said, it was his objective to develop a comfortable living for citizens.
Stopping short of chastising detractors who have summed up the Government’s housing programme as house padding, Manning said the Ministry of Housing would continue to construct 10,000 homes each year.
He made the comments during a site visit to Wellington Gardens, Debe, yesterday where 488 homes are being constructed on 26 hectares of (...)

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